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  • 10 Professional Easy-To-Use Magazine-Quality Excel Dashboard Report Templates
  • Executive-Style One-Page Reports
  • Quick Insight Into Your Business by Using One-Page Business Scorecard Approach
  • Excellent Print Quality
  • Your Reports Update Automatically as You Enter or Copy Your Excel Data

Did you know that creating a professional-grade Excel dashboard report template is possible in just about 1 minute flat? Well, Mr Dashboard has been helping business users do precisely that for years now. These Excel templates are professionally-designed templates that make it easy for you to create accurate and consistent reports.

With these templates at your disposal, you’ll be able to save time by streamlining your workflow while also getting more done in less time.

  • Dynamic and Interactive Business Reporting
  • 20+ Excel Dashboard Templates
  • Executive-Style One-Page Report
  • Quick Insight Into Your Business by Using One-Page Business Scorecard Approach
  • Excellent Print Quality
  • Your Reports Update Automatically as You Enter or Copy Your Data
  • Create Different Views of Your Reports for Different Time Periods With a Single Click

This is your chance to impress with amazing, magazine-quality Excel dashboard report templates! With Mr Dashboard, you’ll have all the tools you need to create professional-looking reports that impress clients and prospects. Our templates will help you communicate your company’s data in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Our templates are also fully customizable so that you can make them match your branding perfectly.

Interactive Excel Dashboard is a dynamic and interactive business reporting tool and includes a collection of more than twenty excel dashboard templates. All of the reports will update automatically and instantly based on your data. In addition, the interactive excel dashboard gives you the functionality to create different views of your business reports by selecting different time periods for your reports. In a matter of seconds you can create and view your business performance for different time periods based on your needs. By using the drop-down menus you can change the view and your charts will update automatically.

  • Professional Balanced Scorecard System
  • Balanced Scorecard Templates
  • Strategy Maps
  • Balanced Scorecard Development Tools

You are a business professional. You know what it takes to become successful in today’s competitive market. You also understand the importance of having a balanced scorecard that tracks your progress across all key areas for growth and success.

That’s why we developed the most comprehensive Balanced Scorecard Templates available on the market today! Our ready-to-use Excel reports provide you with everything you need to organize, analyze, and improve your performance on this critical business tool. With our templates, tracking is fast and easy – so you can stay focused on making smart decisions that drive results.

Ready-to-use Balanced Scorecard Reports for Excel – very simple and professional way to organize your Balanced Scorecard reporting by using one-page Excel scorecard reports. This process will save you many hours of work you would spend on creating your scorecards. This product provides executive style reporting by using excel dashboard report templates.

“I absolutely love your tools. I was very reluctant first because in the past I’ve tried various ways to organize my KPIs without any success. Thank you!”
Nick McGee, Safety Manager, Veolia

  • Professional Pareto Charts with a single click
  • Pareto Analysis Identifies Hidden Opportunities in your business
  • Pareto Analysis is a powerful way to grow and improve your business

Pareto Analysis is a powerful tool that allows you to identify hidden opportunities in your business. By using this technique, you can identify areas where 80% of the profits are generated. This gives you insights into where to focus your marketing efforts as well as which products or services to focus on.

With a single click, you’ll get a professional-grade Pareto analysis revealing the top 20% of opportunities in your business. And with its intuitive interface and helpful visualization tools, it’s easier than ever to see where your time and energy should be focused.



  • Business Plan Template
  • Marketing Plan Template
  • Financial Business Plan Templates

Creating a business plan is an essential step in any business. Every success starts with a good plan. With our business plan and marketing plan templates you will create powerful business plans within minutes.

Whether your goal is to start your first company or go big with your existing business, these templates will help you think through all the important aspects of your business and put them into action. You’ll have everything you need on hand to start growing your company the right way.

Sometimes, all you need is a plan to get started. With Mr. Dashboard, you can create a powerful business plan and marketing plan in minutes that will help you reach your goals faster than ever before.

The templates are easy to follow and will help you organize your information so that it’s easy to read and understand. Plus, when you use your templates with the Excel templates like financial business plan you can track all the important metrics like revenue and expenses over time.

  • SCAMPER creativity and innovation tool
  • Improve your imagination and creativity
  • Come up with innovative ideas and find new ways of doing things

We all understand that creativity is a key to success, but do you know that improving your creativity can be extremely easy?

Don’t let creativity drain away! With Mr Dashboard SCAMPER, you can regain your inspiration and get innovative ideas without going through the hassle of thinking out of the box.

This nifty tool is perfect for improving your creative ideas and expanding your mind. With SCAMPER functionality built in, you’ll be able to brainstorm quickly and accurately with ease. You will find yourself amazed how many new and original ideas you can generate in only a few minutes!



  • All financial statements templates you’ll ever need for your business

There’s a lot to manage in your business finances and sometimes it can feel like you’re drowning in data. With Mr Dashboard, you can keep track of everything with the help of templates that make it easy for you to understand your financial statements.

Financial statements templates that helps you in creating accurate reports. Now, you can track your business finances without wasting any time on it!

Financial statement templates that give you a detailed picture of how your company stands financially and how you can improve. And since these templates provide comprehensive information on revenue, expenses, and profits, they’re great tools for analyzing your business’ performance over time.

  • Financial Dashboard
  • Financial Ratios
  • Du Pont Analysis
  • Financial Statements

Keeping track of your financial data, ratios and reports can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! With Mr Dashboard’s powerful financial templates, you’ll quickly feel comfortable keeping track of your financial data and reports.

Enjoy powerful financial templates that are perfect for your business financial needs. Customizable to match your specific needs – whether you’re a startup or an established company, our templates are customizable to fit your needs perfectly.

Save time and money with pre-made templates that are designed specifically for financial analysis and reporting. Get your financials organized and in order with our templates.

Keep your financials current and up to date. No need to be a financial expert – our templates are designed for everyday use by anyone in business. Use our Excel templates to make financial planning simple and easy.

To stay ahead of the game, we have created Mr Dashboard – automated financial ratios analysis that calculates and tracks everything for you.

  • Keep track of your accounts receivables
  • Simple accounts receivable management in Excel
  • Improve your cash flows

Managing accounts receivable is an important part of every business. With this tool, you can track your customers’ payments quickly and accurately. Without any need for extra information or manual entries, the AR Manager will do all the heavy lifting for you – saving you time and increasing efficiency in your day-to-day operations. It will help you organize your finances while saving you time and money.

Use Mr Dashboard to keep track of past due accounts and manage cash flows and customer relationships better. Stay on top of your accounts receivable and maximize profits.

  • Activity Based Costing (ABC) for Excel
  • Perform ABC Costing with a single click
  • Know you real cost of doing business at product, service and customer level
  • Use ABC information to price your products and services better and focus on the right activities to improve your business

Improve your business profitability, performance and decision making with Activity Based Costing for Excel. Get accurate and consistent costing for your products, services and customers with our activity-based costing tool. Compute total costs for each activity in your processes, and see how these costs affect each and every product, service and customer.

ABC costing is the most powerful tool to really know the real profitability. Based on ABC analysis you can easily make drastic improvements in your business, change workflows and adjust pricing at an individual customer level.

Use our Activity Based Costing software for Excel to get an accurate costing information and boost your net profitability. Navigate complex financial calculations with ease, thanks to our user-friendly interface which allows you to perform complex ABC analysis with a click of a button.



  • Complete Sales Pipeline Management Solution
  • Improve your sales pipeline management and grow your sales
  • Fully automated sales management system
  • Streamline and manage your sales pipeline better

Improve your sales pipeline management with Executive Toolbox. A powerful sales tool for managing your sales pipeline in Excel. Easily plan, track and forecast your sales progress. Generate reports quickly and easily to reflect your unique business needs. Provides insightful analysis of your sales data to help you make better decisions.

Automated Excel sales reports based on your business data you can generate with a click of a button, saving you time and effort day after day. Streamline your sales process and keep track of all your leads and prospects.

Achieve better results with better planning and more streamlined execution of your sales processes. Get a complete overview of all aspects of your sales pipeline. Improve your efficiency and effectiveness in your sales process. Take your sales pipeline management to the next level.

  • RFM Automation in Excel
  • Recency, Frequency, Monetary Analysis Tool
  • The best way to grow sales

There is no doubt that data can be your friend when it comes to making smart business decisions. Which is why we have created a tool that will help you analyze your sales and grow them faster!

Do you know how to reach out to your customers effectively? Do you know the right way to engage them and influence them?

Recency, frequency, and monetary analysis tool by Mr Dashboard can tell you all about your sales. It analyses your customer data to give you a complete picture of how things are going and what you should do next.

  • Create customer survey in minutes
  • Track your customer survey results
  • Customer survey dashboard

For businesses to truly understand their customers, they need to gather data from every angle.

Mr Dashboard helps you create customer satisfaction surveys, get feedback from customers the right way and you’ll be able to do it painlessly with your own survey tool, helping you collect data and analyze results in no time.

With this tool, you’ll be able to keep track of all your customer’s data in one place, so that you can make informed decisions regarding your future marketing efforts.

You’ll be able to act on this data quickly and effectively so that you can keep improving your business!

  • Create BCG Matrix Charts in Excel
  • 1-Click BCG Matrix Solution

What goes into a successful business strategy? How do you make sure that it’s flawless, and that your company is making the best use of its resources?

The answer is BCG Matrix. This tool will help you understand, plan and develop your winning product portfolio better and come up with a powerful business strategy that will get you the results you want.

With BCG Matrix, you can easily see how individual products stack up against one another, so you can make an informed decision about which ones are worth developing further.

  • GE Matrix Automated Chart Creator
  • Business strategy and product portfolio strategy tool

You can’t manage your business without a proper strategy. And that is why we have the best-in-class GE Matrix tool for you to utilize on your brand marketing and product management needs. With this powerful tool, you’ll be able to take control of your business’ changing needs with ease.

When it comes to developing a business strategy, you can’t go wrong with GE Matrix. This powerful tool is used by companies of all sizes to help them analyze market data and develop effective marketing campaigns. Now you can use Matrix to power your own company’s growth and success too! With GE Matrix you’ll also be able to create a marketing plan that reflects your true vision.

  • Marketing system development guide
  • Leverage your sales and marketing
  • Develop winning sales and marketing strategies

Simple strategies to organize your marketing better and grow your business. Marketing is a vital part of business. But, when it comes to marketing strategies, things get complicated in many ways.

If you haven’t caught up on marketing yet, then you should know that it is one of the toughest jobs to crack. It takes time and patience to understand the basics of effective marketing strategies.

Mr Dashboard is here to simplify your marketing efforts. We have a fabulous system that will reveal the simplest marketing strategies for your business to grow. You can choose from different options and use them as per your need to reach out to more people or increase sales.

With marketing leverage system you will build your own marketing system – a continuous system and processes to build sustainable growth.



  • Employee performance evaluation system

As a manager, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to improve your team’s performance. We know how important it is to have a convenient and effective system for evaluating employees.

All companies have their own ways of evaluating an employee’s performance, but not all have a tool that is as effective and efficient as Mr Dashboard.

The Employee performance evaluation tool by Mr Dashboard is a framework for analyzing and evaluating an employee’s performance within your organization.

Your data is always organized and you are able to conduct performance evaluation on a continuous basis. We all know that once in a yrae events like annual performance appraisals are not effective. This tool will help you manage your performance reviews and results data in one place.

“Your product gave me everything I need to create awesome daily dashboards and quickly identify areas where I can improve my operations. Thank You!”
Nancy Rojas, VP Marketing, GE

  • Employee satisfaction survey tool
  • Create survey questions
  • Gather employee feedback
  • Use the HR survey dashboard report to improve your business

This quick and easy HR survey tool and templates will give you valuable insights about how your employees feel about their jobs. And thanks to its visual interface, you can analyze the survey results in minutes. You’ll also be able to access all of the results in one place so that you can easily track progress over time.

It’s well known that employees are the key to productivity, and they’re also an important part of a company’s success. With Mr Dashboard, you can measure employee satisfaction and find out how changes in the workplace affect their productivity.

Whether it’s an internal initiative or part of an annual review process, this questionnaire will provide invaluable information so that you can make informed decisions about how to improve employee satisfaction and retention rates.



  • Quality management templates
  • SPC control charts
  • Automated Excel quality control charts

Do you have an efficient quality management system in place to keep track of your business processes and monitor your quality metrics efficiently?

If not, then we urge you to immediately start using Mr Dashboard. Not only will it help you identify any potential issues with quality, but it also has a number of tools to help manage the process. Plus, its software comes with templates that can be customized according to your requirements, so there’s no need to worry about setup time or having pre-defined features.

Quality is the most important factor in any business. Therefore, it is vital that you make use of tools that will help you manage your quality effectively. That’s why Mr Dashboard has created quality management tools such as control charts and quality control templates.

Save time and money with easy to use, quality templates and SPC charts. Excel templates and SPC charts to help you improve your quality control process. Improve efficiency and accuracy while reducing the time spent on Quality Control tasks.

Keep your Quality Control processes running smoothly with our fully automated Excel quality management templates and control charts. Improve your operations, service processes or production processes based on your business system. Streamline your workflows with simple-to-use powerful quality control templates and charts.

Helps you get accurate results in less time, with far fewer errors. Ensure quality control and accuracy with our Excel templates and SPC charts. Improve performance and efficiency by automating your analysis and reports with our Excel templates.

“By using Mr Dashboard we can easily track our progress and make changes based on what we see. This always helps us get things done the right way without wasting time.”
Ruby Vega, Quality Manager, Blue Shield

  • Inventory management system
  • Keep track of your inventories
  • Keep the right amount of inventory and never run out of stock again

Managing your inventory can be a tedious task. But, with Mr Dashboard, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! This inventory management system helps you keep track of your inventories and also alerts you when there is a shortage in stock.

Easily keep track of your inventory in Excel. Stay organized and reduce waste with our easy to use inventory management system. Simplify your process and save time. Keep track of your inventory levels and take action to get your stock under control.

Excel template alerts tell you when items are low on stock and need to be reordered. Set alerts to notify you when a certain stock is about to run out. Report on your inventory levels so you can see where improvements can be made. Automated calculations make sure all your information is accurate and up to date. Easily find out how much inventory you need for a certain quantity of product.

Consolidate and control all your inventory in one place, with Excel. Easily identify excess or obsolete stock and take action to prevent product shortages. Stay organized with your inventory – which means not losing any sales because of shortages while not ordering excess inventory for certain products and tie in capital.

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