Quality Management and Six Sigma Dashboard and Scorecard

Simplify your quality management reporting and analysis with Mr. Dashboard custom reports. Continuously track all quality management metrics, info, analysis, trends… on one-page magazine quality report. Executing well your strategy, outperforming your competitors, and achieving outstanding customer satisfaction and results can only be done by well organized quality system. The one-page quality management dashboard report gives you the right focus and direction for actions.

Work with Mr. Dashboard and develop effective and customized quality metrics and analysis for your organization. You will always be one step ahead and focused on all quality management issues, problems, and opportunities. We can use customized visualization to track quality trends, indices, and indicators with customized quality tools such as quality control charts, pareto analysis, and gap analysis on one-page dashboard report. Effective dashboard or scorecard should report all relevant quality measurements. No more switching between different reports and applications and wasting time, now you can see everything you need on one page.

Our reporting tools allow you to have effective quality management dashboard report on one page where you can see everything you need at a glance. Our unique design approach to effective reporting allows unlimited information on a single dashboard report. You can see your report online or you can print only one page and always have the report with you. You will get better understanding of your quality system and save time so you will be able to focus on making results. Every effective quality management system requires continuous improvement and involves many variables and drivers, so identifying potential issues ontime and prioritizing issues are essential for success.Having effective quality management dashboard report will help you communicate better and share information with everyone in your organization and other stakeholders such as customers and suppliers. You will be able to get ontime feedback from multiple sources of information and track overall quality performances. Every manager should have well defined performance management system that will drive everyone towards common goals. Having the right quality management metrics and report always with you is essential for developing successful quality management and high performance.

Number of defective products/services

% defective products/services

Cost of defective products/services

Number of defects per product/service/defect category

Number of defects per shift, per day, per process, per defect type etc.

Number of nonconforming events, activities, products, services etc.

Number of on time service/shipments/deliveries

% late service, cost of late service

Number of inspections, cost of inspections

Number of customer returns, cost of returns, number of returns by category

Number of customer complaints, cost of complaints, number of complaints by category

Number of recalls, cost of recalls

Number of billing errors, cost of billing errors,

Overall quality index, local indices, current quality levels vs. target quality performance

Overall customer satisfaction index, local customer satisfaction indices

Testing of incoming materials/services, supplier specific quality metrics, cost of supplier nonconformance, number of supplier errors, defects, out of

stock events etc.

Customized quality control metrics per department and activity such as processing orders, inventory levels, shipping, customer service, production

Number of maintenance requirements, cost of maintenance, number of setups

Number of reworks, cost of reworks

Number of reengineering events, cost of reengineering events

Number of repairs, cost of repairs

Number of replacements, cost of replacements

Number of retesting events, cost of retesting events

Quantity of scrap/waste, cost of scrap/waste

Number of downtime events, cost of downtime

Number of safety incidents, cost of safety incidents

Number of environmental incidents, cost of environmental incidents

Productivity level, capacity utilization, throughput

Lead time per activity/process

Number of out of stock events, cost of out of stock events

Number of products out of stock, cost of products out of stock

…plus customized metrics for your business

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