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 Latest Management Tips, Tools and Articles:

NEW: The Greatest Collection of Management Tools and Templates

The New and Updated Business Executive is the largest collection of software, templates, dashboards, reports, excel tools and more.. for business managers. Improve your business, get organized and get a better business insight into your performance...

Excel Dashboards and Performance Management

How to create powerful excel dashboards and performance measurement system for your business by focusing on the most important metrics and KPIs....

Traditional Costing vs. Activity Based Costing

Traditional costing treats overhead using the amount of a certain cost driver, like the volume of work hours required to manufacture a product. Cost driver is actually a point that triggers cost to accumulate, for example process hours and employee hours. Activity based costing on the other hand assigns the costs of servicing customers, delivering services and manufacturing products based on the activities required... posted in finance

Marketing System Components: How Reliable Is Your Current Marketing?

Reliable and predictable marketing system means that you are in control – you can forecast based on your marketing system how much new business you will generate next month, how many new customers you will get, how many products and services you will sell… which of course help you plan your scheduling and capacity...  posted in marketing

Accounts Receivable Management Best Practices

AR management tips and tools to help you improve your cash flows. How to make sure you monitor your aging accounts on an ongoing basis and take actions on time to maximize your cash flows. Track, monitor and manage your accounts receivables with this Excel tool which allows you to just enter your data anbd print your AR reports instantly...  posted in finance

Planning and Monitoring your Purchasing KPIs and Metrics

Purchasing as a key business function has become evolved coming from price based straightforward function in to a craft and discipline that involves strategies, sourcing, value chain analysis, cost of ownership, QC.... It is very important for just about any organization to develop an efficient purchasing dashboard along with all of the priority key performance indicators and critical success factors that will influence purchasing actions...  posted in finance

Cost Volume Profit Analysis - Excel Template

Business planning and budgeting in effective companies require proactive scenario planning and analysis. The cost-volume-profit analysis is the foundation for real business planning, where what-if scenario planning can forecast substantial impact and risk of any changes in the business...  posted in finance

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 Excel Dashboard & Business Templates

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Ready-to-use Excel Add-ins, Templates, Reports, Charts, Tools and Software for business managers and business professionals: Business Management Dashboard, Business Scorecard, Management, Reporting and Analysis for business management, sales, marketing, quality control, operations management, financial reporting and analysis, accounting and costing tools and business reporting and analysis. Improve your business and save time and money with MR Dashboard...

 Customized Business Applications

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MR Dashboard develops custom business applications, tools, templates, reports, add-ins and software for better productivity, business reporting and business analysis. Custom business management applications for your business include fully automated software, templates, and add-ins for Microsoft Excel. Our team of Excel VBA developers will develop and automate custom excel applications based on your specific business analysis and reporting needs and preferences...

 Customized Business Scorecard

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Simplify and improve your reporting and improve your business insight with professional one-page business scorecard reports. We can review your current reports and files and based on your needs we'll develop your new best-in-class scorecard for your business. One-page executive-style business scorecard report can include all your important KPIs and business metrics and help you save time and improve your business...

 Business Performance Management Resources

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High performance businesses have strategies in place and integrate all parts of their organizations towards achieving common goals. Having effective business performance management strategy and system with effective dashboard and scorecard reports allows decision makers to set business goals, targets, checks, and balances and continuously monitor business performances, metrics, trends and KPIs. Free resources, articles, tools and tips...




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 Excel Dashboard

Amazing Collection of  Excel Dashboard Templates

Create Professional and Magazine-Quality Excel Dashboard Reports in 1 minute!

 Marketing Analysis for Excel

Marketing Manager for Excel

Marketing Analysis Software for Excel is a collection of all marketing analysis and planning tools used by marketing and business managers. All Marketing Analysis Tools and Charts are easy to use and most of the marketing analysis can be performed with a click of a button in excel. Now you can save 49% of the regular price.

  Learn More about Marketing Analysis Toolbox

 Activity Based Costing Software for Excel

Activity Based Costing (ABC)

Activity Based Costing (ABC) for Microsoft Excel helps you develop ABC System for your business. ABC Analysis can help you improve your profitability by analyzing your cost drivers and calculating the cost of your products, services, customers and analyzing and improving your business activities.

  Learn More about ABC for Excel


 Sales Manager for Excel

Sales Manager for Excel: Sales Dashboard and Sales Funnel System. Improve your sales performance and sales reporting with sales manager for excel... Sales Dashboard, Sales Funnel, Sales Report Templates, Sales Call Report Template, Daily Sales Report Template...

  Learn More about Sales Manager for Excel

 Financial Dashboard for Excel

Financial Dashboard

Financial Ratios and Financial Reporting with automated Excel Templates, Charts and Statements. With Financial Dashboard for Excel you can have best in class financial analysis and reporting in Microsoft Excel and get an excellent business insight without wasting any additional time and effort. This easy to use product allows you to print professional magazine quality financial reports and simplifies your financial analysis and reporting.

  Learn More about Financial Dashboard for Excel

 HR Management Tools
Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

HR Management Toolbox - HR Tools, HR Templates, HR Software, Balanced Scorecard Tools, HR Scorecard, Reporting, HR Dashboard, Metrics, Employee Performance Evaluation System, KPIs, HR Survey and more...

  Learn More about HR Management Toolbox

 Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps for Excel

Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map Software and Templates

Balanced Scorecard Dashboard Reporting Application for Microsoft Excel users. This Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map Product includes one-page executive report templates for your Balanced Scorecard Reporting, Strategy Map Templates, Gap Analysis, Organizational Readiness Checklist and more. This easy to use product offers best in class one-page quality reporting for your balanced scorecard projects, reports, meetings and presentations.

  Learn More about Balanced Scorecard for Excel

 Sales Funnel Tool for Excel

Sales PipelineSales Pipeline Software, Templates and Reports Tool for Microsoft Excel. Automated Excel Sales Funnel Software allows anyone to manage Sales Funnel Reports with a click of a button in Excel. Great software for Leads Management, Sales Management and Sales Reporting. Sales Funnel is a sales management tool and sales management process that helps you get organized and improve the way you manage and grow your business. The Sales Funnel / Sales Pipeline Software for Excel is a Sales Management Tool used by sales managers, business development managers, general managers, business owners and anyone who manages sales and business development...


  Learn More about Sales Funnel for Excel

Business Plan Templates and Software

Professional Business Plan Templates, Reports, Statements and Charts for your Business Plan. Financial Business Plan Tool for Microsoft Excel. Enter your numbers in Excel and your Financial Business Plan is done! Save time and improve the quality of your financial business plan today...

  Learn More about the Business Plan

One-Page Business Reporting
 One-Page Financial Dashboards
Mr. Dashboard can integrate all of your financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, operating financial statements, cash flow statements, and any custom financial reports you use into a one-page business scorecard report where you can see all relevant financial information at a glance.


MR Dashboard Chart Maker

MR Dashboard Chart Maker Software allows you to create Visual representation of your Excel Data (Charts, Maps and Gauges / Speedometers) and automatically with a click of a button create html pages to use them online and offline... 

 One-Page Quality Management Dashboards
Every effective quality management system requires continuous improvement and involves many variables and drivers, so identifying and prioritizing potential issues on time is essential for success. Having effective quality management dashboard report will help you communicate better and share information with everyone in your organization and other stakeholders such as customers and suppliers.
 One-Page Marketing Dashboards
Simplify your marketing reporting and analysis with Mr. Dashboard. Continuously track all marketing metrics, info, analysis, trends… on one-page report. Discovering key marketing issues is easy when you see everything you need on one page. You can identify top issues and priorities and focus on what works best for your business.
 One-Page HR Dashboards
Simplify your HR reporting and analysis with Mr. Dashboard. Continuously track all human resources metrics, info, analysis, trends… on one page report. Executing well your strategy, outperforming your competitors, and achieving outstanding results can only be done by high performers. Work with Mr. Dashboard and develop effective and customized HR metrics and analysis for your organization.

 One-Page Healthcare Dashboards
The one-page healthcare management dashboard report gives you the right focus and direction for actions. It transforms your current measurement system into a powerful management system. Mr. Dashboard can develop effective and customized healthcare management metrics and reports for your organization by using the most effective visualization approach through charts, indicators, and tables.
  Free Excel Templates for Business
Mr. Dashboard design approach to business reporting allows unlimited information on a one-page dashboard report. Hundreds of relevant facts on one page, plus clear and effective display through charts, tables, visual indicators, and visual aids.
Interactive Excel Dashboards are powerful tools for your business. They are applications built in MS Excel that manage and convert your data into a visual display of relevant information. Interactive Excel Dashboards are customized based on your requirements and preferences.
 Free Resources
The following links provide free business articles and resources for business analysis, performance management, and business reporting:
BCG Matrix Analysis
GE Matrix Analysis
Pareto Analysis
Balanced Scorecard Reporting
Performance Metrics Development
Performance Management
Mapping Your Board's Effectiveness
Management Succession Plan
Employee Performance Appraisal
RFM Analysis
Sales Pipeline for Excel
Ansoff Matrix
Six Sigma
Marketing Plan
Information Management
Break-Even Analysis
Break-Even Analysis
Employee Accountability
Employee Attendance
Business Dashboard
Customer Segmentation
Customer Retention
Product Life Cycle
Measure Customer Profitability
HR Productivity
Rewards System and Measurement
Employee Retention
  Sample Business Metrics
The following links provide examples of frequently used business metrics used in dashboard and business scorecard reporting:
Financial Metrics
Quality Tools
HR Dashboard
Marketing Metrics
Financial Dashboard
Quality Dashboard
HR Metrics
Marketing Dashboard
Healthcare Dashboard




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