What Is Break-Even Point?

What is a break-even point? Throughout business management, break-even point is the revenue required to take care of the firm’s amount of fixed plus variable costs throughout a given time period. The actual revenue can be reported with dollars, with … Continued

Ansoff Matrix Examples

Marketing Analysis Tools: Ansoff Matrix   The Ansoff Matrix is used for planning and analysis of alternatives for business growth. How to use the Ansoff Matrix: This matrix considers existing and new markets and existing and new products for business … Continued

BCG Matrix Example and Template

BCG Matrix Tool BCG Matrix also known as Growth-Share Matrix is strategic tool for portfolio planning and analysis. BCG Matrix is used for current portfolio analysis, portfolio planning and development, and new strategy development – developing and positioning new businesses … Continued

How to Make Target Lines on Excel Charts

  Excel enables you to make charts focused on your particular business preferences by using functions and information which make it distinctive. For example, you can include target lines to your Excel graphs which show targets so that you can … Continued

Budget Tools and Templates for Managers

Budgeting Templates and Tools for Managers Your business budget is actually a vital application for the success in your business. Initially, simply by monitoring your financial budget, you are able to make sure that you have sufficient cash-flow for the … Continued

How to Create Histogram in Excel

Steps to Make Histogram Chart in Excel Develop a histogram, often called the Pareto graph or chart, in order to graphically show the actual distribution together with frequency for your data within an Excel spreadsheet. Histogram chart application is not … Continued

Quality Report Format in Excel Templates

Excel Quality Report Format Templates Quality reports help you to give a brief summary of the quality of a certain operation or product in your organization. It’s an essential task that must be performed in any business. For example suppose … Continued

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