What is Product Placement?

What is product placement in marketing and business development

Understanding what is product placement: Advertising have come a long way in today’s world, the traditional methods such as newspaper, word of mouth, bill boards and commercials are still useful although those methods have been deteriorating over the years.


product placement
What is product placement


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We are now in a different age where we have different channels that can help us advertise our product. For example the internet has changed the entire advertising industry over the years and has caused managers to rethink their marketing approach in order to adapt to this innovation.

You can now market your product through social media, buying advertisements through Google or Facebook. One method that’s kind of the lone wolf which has been around since the nineteenth century and still giving businesses amazing results today is product placement.

Product placement is basically an advertising strategy used by businesses to promote their products by placing it in television programs, movies, dramas, music videos etc. This technique although it’s quite old is more effective today than it has ever been. It has helped managers promote their product in a very unique way that helped to separate the product from their competitor’s. It also helps to strengthen your brand as well because if your product is positioned or being used in a movie in a certain way by the characters.  Customers will tend to remember it more especially if the movie is a blockbuster and is being watched by a wide audience.

The reason this method of advertising is so effective is that, the younger audience is not interested in ads. Their attention span is shorter so they don’t have time to really wait and look through to see what a company has to offer; they’re just not interested. Product placement sifts through all that hassle. Instead of having commercials, you can pay to have your product get placed in the movie in such a unique way that the persons that are watching it can be motivated to buy your product or become aware of your brand.

You have 4 different types of product placement methods that can be seen portrayed in movies they are: dominant placement, non-dominant placement, audio placement and audio-visual placement.

You can see the details for each of them below:

Dominant placement

This is when most part of the TV screen is filled with the image of the product and it can be easily identifiable by the user. You can usually see this in certain movie scenes where they’ve zoomed up on the product and to make it really obvious for the users to see it.

Non-dominant placement

This is when the product is being placed in a not so obvious position and filled up a much smaller part of the TV screen but can still be identifiable by the viewers.

Audio placement

This is when the product is being talked about by one of the characters.

Audio-visual placement

This is when your product is being used by some of the characters in the movie. This can be a very powerful method if it’s done effectively.

Product placement can be a very useful advertising strategy that you use to advertise your product and its brand. We are now in an age where you have to think creatively to survive in today’s business environment.

The advertisement industry is always changing and it’s amazing that product placement is still effective today. As more persons consume media you can expect to see a surge in the product placement advertising method.

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