What Is Employee Engagement?

What is Employee Engagement?

Gone are the days when most employees used to work at corporations feeling disconnected from the company. It still happens but not at the large scale it used to.

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Over the years we have seen a shift in company cultures all across the business landscape, managers and executives are now taking a different step in treating their employees so that they can stay with their company for a long time.


What is employee engagement


Working at a single job 40 hours a week for 40 years is now history, employees are now spending less time at a single job which makes it hard for managers to retain talent.

Companies are now changing their culture to find ways to create an environment where employees can thrive, so that in return the employees can wake up every day to work in a great environment and make the company more productive. Employee engagement is about the relationship between the organization and its employees.

When employees are engaged and feel like they’re a part of a company they usually show it in their work and you as a manager can see it by examining the company’s results. Engaging employees works hard, show enthusiasm, focus and is dedicated to making sure the organization succeeds.

Employee engagement also helps to create a certain level of trust between the company and its employees and that makes them want to keep on working at the company for a long time. When a company does not treat their employees well, the employees will feel disengaged from the company and don’t care about the day to day operation of what’s going on. These are employees that will be tempted to leave the company if the right opportunity comes knocking at their door.

To make employee engagement apart of your company’s culture you of to start by believing that employee engagement really matters and implementing it is very important to make the company successful.

You have to then listen to your employees by issuing out surveys and ask them questions to evaluate the information with your teams to try and come up with creative ideas to make employees more engaged.

Conducting interviews and focus groups is another set of tools you could use and it’s sometimes better because you get to talk to the employees and see the possible pains they are facing within your organization on an emotional level. After all the information is gathered and you come up with the ideas along with your team, you can then put in the necessary work to implement those ideas to show employees that you’ve listened to their wishes.

After everything is being implemented and the employees see changes in your organization and is fired up to work, you shouldn’t settle for that because business is always changing and to adapt you got constantly reinvent certain processes in the company which includes employee engagement.

You can start over the process of conducting employee research through surveys and interviews every year or every 6 months to see what have worked and where need changes; you are hardly going to get it right the first time.

In summary employee engagement should be a part of every business culture. Managers should always ensure that their employees are engaged with the inner workings of the company and they are all working happily towards the company’s vision in a great business environment.

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