The Role Of Sales Reps In Today’s Selling Environment

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The Changing Role of Sales Reps Today


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The today’s sales force should have wide array of abilities to compete effectively. It’s in the past, when sales reps needed simple presentation and sales closing abilities to be effective in sales. Now selling needs broad range of abilities, which would be defined within the next segment. Within this article we’ll talk about the features of current selling.  Sales reps who don’t know those features would be not really prepared to deal with the sales jobs today.



Profitable customers


Customer account management is becoming essential type of sales force since it implies that sales rep or sales team could focus the work on one or several main clients or customers. On the other side of range, organizations will be locating the fact that certain small number of customers in fact cost the company a lot of cash.

It is since maintenance and supply of goods to these customers might push costs above the revenue produced. Bigger organizations might need to change to direct sales and internet as will mean of maintenance those small customers or fire them completely. Use and development of customer relationship database tools, as well as how to use internet to help the sales activity (for example, locating customers and getting competitors’ data).

The position of sales rep will be growing to involvement in marketing and business development activities like new services and products development, new market growth and development and also customer segmentation. At the same time as some other duties that service or supplement marketing activities like managing data and database applications, evaluation, reporting and analysis of sales data, and evaluating target markets.

The future of sales will be based on the sales rep’s acting in a role as a consultant dealing with customers to determine issues and establish needs and appropriate solutions.

This strategy will be so different than the standard view of sales rep being pushy sales man whose job is to convince the customer to purchase.

Selling frequently will involve numerous calls, the usage of team based sales strategy and analytical abilities. Furthermore, customers will be significantly searching for total solutions instead of purchasing individual products or services.



Determine and satisfy customer needs


Certain customers don’t identify they may have need for your offerings. It’s the sales rep’s job in this kind of circumstances to attract target customers and create needs recognition.

For instance, customers might not realize that equipment within the manufacturing process has really low performance level when compared with new superior equipment. The sales rep’s job would be to educate the customers on the issue and to convince with facts and logic.

By doing this, the sales reps would add substantial value for the customers by decreasing their operational costs. This type of selling is a win–win scenario that grows sales in the future.

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