System Map: Mapping Customer Processes

The very first is that typical organization has a multitude of processes.

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The management team of the organization often doesn’€™t have thorough knowledge of the company’€™s processes.

System Map

Almost all people respond they can be bureaucratic, they should be streamlined, They require serious upgrading, and so forth.

Fortunately, all these potential obstacles are navigable through formal assessment process. The good thing it isn’€™t necessary in order to do this.

System Map

System maps are perfect tools for the strategic assessment as they evaluate interactions.

To illustrate, it should no€™t be role of accounting manager to appear in the shoulder of AP clerk to be sure that steps of AP process are followed, day in and out.

Starting at the center, there’s box labeled Process-Department/Company-Industry. It’s easily seen if you think about the support features of an organization.

Whatever you decide for any box at the center, it would have certain inputs, that are the key things which should be present for any P / D / C / I to start. For Human Resources department, inputs can be job applicant, ask for filling open position from hiring department, and so on.

To illustrate, the output of shipping process will be freight arriving in its desired location. Again, these elements are no revolutionary concepts.

Imagine creating a contract among the organization and customer under consideration.

System Map

Formal feedback is usually initiated by organization in comparison to the customer. It’s concerted effort to proactively discover what the clients are planning and in what way they think.

This is going to place you in a leading position for overreaction to the tiny subset of clients who had either an incredibly good or extremely bad expertise in your organization.

The word feedback is typical and well-understood. The very next component of system map is usually less familiar and addresses the communication going in other direction.

These are the basic components of your system maps.

The previous application is most effective for any customer part of the assessment, and latter application is perfect for the process part of the assessment – the initial system map example would be of the internal nature.

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