Supplier Performance Scorecard Template Excel

Supplier Performance Scorecard Template Excel

If you are operating in supply chain management or you are a supply chain manager. Using a supplier performance scorecard can make your job a lot easier. It will help you to keep track of your vendors and suppliers. You are going to also measure the different performances of your suppliers to try and identify areas of inefficiency which you can both find ways to improve upon.

You have a lot of benefits of using a supplier performance scorecard. It can help you to build strong relationships with high performing suppliers. It can help you to identify, prevent and help reduce supply risk. It will assist you in identifying low performing suppliers and high performing suppliers. Lastly it can help you to reduce waste cost between you and your suppliers.


Supplier Performance Scorecard Template Excel
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A great tool you can use to create your supplier performance scorecard is Excel. The task of creating a supplier performance scorecard can range from easy to complex. It all depends on your organization’s goals. What a lot of persons tend to do is to download a template off of the internet which could be easily found on google.

When you use a template you just load it up in Excel and you’re ready to go. If you are a beginner in Excel, learning at least the basics of it can help you out a lot. The reason for this is because even if you use the template. You still got to at least know a bit of Excel to use it properly.

Below you can see a tutorial on how to create a simple supplier scorecard template in Excel. If you are new to Excel which at times can be a very complicated software this tutorial will help you out a lot.


Supplier performance scorecard template Excel example and downloads


Step 1
You are going gather all the data you are going to include in your scorecard. You must analyze your supply chain management metrics and properly pick out the most relevant metrics that would be useful to measure in your scorecard. It would be great if you could design the layout on a piece of paper first before getting started. This will give you a framework of how you want your scorecard to look.

Step 2
You are now going to have 5 main columns these are evaluation, excellent, satisfactory, unsatisfactory and score. Next put 3 sub-columns under evaluation these are cost pricing, supply chain and production and average score.

Step 3
For the excellent, satisfactory and unsatisfactory columns these are going to be measured in percentages. So for excellent the percentage would be between 100-85%, satisfactory would be from 84-70% and unsatisfactory should be between from 69-50%.

Step 4
Under the first sub-column under evaluation which is cost pricing you are going to measure for product pricing, payment terms, invoice accuracy. Under the supply chain and production column you are going to have late orders, flexibility, and communication quality.

Step 5
In the score column you are going to insert in the score of each metric that you have measure for. So for example if the invoice accuracy metric is in a certain range, you are going to insert that score in the score column. In the average score row you are going to calculate the average of all the scores in your score section.

Additionally you can use the average score to rank your suppliers. It is recommended that you use colors on your scorecard to differentiate between metrics and scores. To do this start by selecting the cells you want to put the different colors on, then go to home and click on fill color. You can now choose the different colors you are going to use.

To calculate the average of the scores data, you got to go on the ‘average score’ cell. Go to home, go on the editing group, you are now going to click the ‘autosum’ symbol and choose average, press enter and you’re done.


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In summary this is a very simple tutorial you can use to create a supplier performance scorecard template in Excel. You can easily download advance templates off of the internet which could make your life easier.

As a beginner it is advisable to follow this tutorial because this knowledge can at least give a you taste of what Excel is like. Furthermore you can use it as a stepping stone to build on if you are serious about learning Excel. You can see an example diagram below.

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