Strategic Planning Process Examples In Business

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Strategic Planning Process in Business

Strategic Planning Process Examples: Strategy planning can be a detail oriented and diligent approach. It needs imagination, creativity and teamwork. However it could yield tremendous rewards for the business. Effectively shown objectives and also the plan to accomplish these business objectives – it provides your company with direction.

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Business strategy is road map that organization follows to achieve desired state. Strategic planning does not need to be frustrating and challenging undertaking.


strategic planning process examples
Strategic planning process examples and templates


Start by defining what you want to achieve. Establish the duration of the plan first. Decide what you would like to accomplish throughout the planning process, even before the planning process starts. However that could be longer or shorter if desired, use numerous strategies and think about five-year plan. Developing new markets in new territories or planning for departure of founder of your business are few reasons for Strategic Planning Process Examples.

With strategy aimed at accomplishing specific value by specific date, numerous strategies will be depending on revenue value. It is important to link general goasl to specific targets and outcomes. This will trigger additional ideas and discussions.

Some other strategies and ideas will be depending on launching new services and products. Whilst others look for such as cross section of staff to be helpful such as new matrix organization and teams that are cross functional, certain organizations limit strategic planning to several key executives.

Strategic Planning Process Examples

Establish who within your organization must be integrated within the planning process. Who takes part in the strategy planning is very important so this would be an important part to consider. Attendees should be in a position to think about the company in general without getting mired in the daily details. Who keeps the meeting focused on strategic objectives? Certain organizations look for hiring facilitator to facilitate the meetings which can be a helpful addition in the process.

Operational details will need to not hijack the strategy session. It is easy to lose track of the importance by focusing on daily issues. Write the ideas on the white board as they will be spoken. Brainstorm many ideas that will be used to accomplish the key objectives as team. Encourage stream-of-awareness ideas and adopt the good, as great strategic ideas frequently grow out of these that can not be implemented. Preferably – you would spend hours or more considering as numerous various ideas as feasible before proceeding towards the next steps in the process.

Select which ideas must be considered in more details using the brainstormed ideas as baseline. Certain organizations use scoring system that assigns every person votes they could assign to the favorite ideas. This shortlist could be chosen by one person or selected as team. The ideas with the majority of votes will be used towards the next level and discussed in more details.

Use SWOT analysis to identify key issues and opportunities. The business strength may be it actually understands the marketplace and has the manufacturing capabilities better than the competitors. Use SWOT analysis to establish feasibility, for every selected idea. Another example might be that the business weakness might be it doesn’t have good relationships with any suitable distributors or retailers. This would give certain direction to develop your strategic plan and take it to the next level.

Development of new key partners and also the gaining of new experience are another examples of strategic planning topics and focus. The opportunities can involve forecasted increase in revenue. Organizations typically establish if opportunity will be feasible and attainable, using swot analysis as guideline.


strategic planning process examples
More strategic planning process examples, tools and templates


Examine every idea individually to set up which duties should be accomplished to satisfy the business strategic goals and objectives. The desired outcome is selection of one or more ideas to become section of the strategic plan in your business plan.

Some ideas and strategies will need additional research and analysis. For example, hiring employees, creating new marketing materials or developing a new services may need substantial research and analysis. When most the duties have been identified, one helpful idea would be to write every necessary activity and develop rough time-line for execution of the strategic plan. Assign senior staff member to every strategic initiative and go from there.

Next step, after you finish the strategic planning session would be to quantify your goals and asign clear targets and people for each KPI. Use tools like balanced scorecards or excel dashboards to track your metrics, targets and KPIs to make sure your strategic plan is executed and implemented as you plan.

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