Strategic Plan Goals And Objectives Template

Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives Template

When doing business on a daily basis strategic plan goals and objectives are what keep you and the rest of your company going in a certain direction. When you set strategic goals and objectives for your plan. It will help to motivate employees to work even harder to achieve those objectives.

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Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives Template
Strategic Plan Template


It doesn’t even take anything to create goals and objectives for your strategic plan. You can draw it on a piece of paper, white board, download a software off of the internet etc. You could even use Excel which at times can be the easiest and most effective of the 4 stated. The reason why Excel can be so useful is firstly because it is one of the mostly widely used software in the world.

Secondly it has a lot of features at your disposal. That you could take advantage of to make your template more sophisticated. Lastly you can easily use it to create a strategic plan goals and objectives template. Now the only drawback is that Excel comes with a steep learning curve.

So if you want to create something interesting and of value to use in your organization with charts, formulas etc. be prepared to spend quite some time learning the inner workings of it. Don’t get discouraged because once you get to know some of the main features and not all of them you can still create good programs out of it.

In this post you are going to get a simple tutorial.  That is going to be on how to create a strategic plan goals and objectives template in Excel. If you don’t have enough time to learn Excel you can simply download a template off of the internet. Once downloaded all you got to do is load it up and you’re ready to go.


Strategic Plan Goals and Template in Excel Example


First create 6 main columns, goals, measures, targets, frequency, source and year to date.

You are going to then put the goals you want your company to work towards in the goals column. For the measure column you are going to use key performance indicators to help measure your processes. Example of one would be increase sales numbers.

The targets column is going to be where you are going to put a percentage or value to help measure your key performance indicator. So if you put 30% in the targets column. This simply means that you are looking forward to increasing your sales number 30%.


Strategy Map
Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard Templates


The frequency is going to be a specific date or pattern of when you are going to review your goal. Examples would be weekly, monthly etc.

The source column is where in your organization you are going to set that goal. For example in the sales department, human resource etc.

Year to date is going to be how far you are in the progress of achieving that goal.  You are going to measure and use percentages. So if you put in 50%, you are already halfway towards achieving that goal.

This is just a simple tutorial you can follow which can help you in creating a template in Excel. But as stated before you can find a lot other cool softwares you can use online.


SWOT Template


That can help you set strategic plan goals and objectives. Or you could even download an Excel template for this off of the internet. You can see an example of this below.

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