Strategic Plan Example Non-Profit Organization

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Strategic Plan Examples for Non Profit Organizations

Strategic plans are necessary in any organization that is serious about being competitive for the long term. A strategic plan are strategies you develop in a set framework in order to achieve your organization’s goals. So if you are starting a company and you just have a lot of goals and no strategy or if your strategies are not properly planned out or organized. You probably are going to fail or face difficulties sometime throughout your company’s journey.

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A strategic plan will help set your company in a certain direction. That both you and your team can work towards. It will also help to shape your business decisions on a daily basis.



When it comes on to non-profit organizations and strategic planning it will also help you out as well. Although when persons normally hear the word strategic plan they tend to think about huge fortune 500 corporations. Non-profits tend to also benefit from doing proper strategic planning.

For example suppose you have a goal in which you want to make certain that over a five year period. Your non-profit organization is serving over one million persons with clean water in Africa. A strategic plan will help you and your company think about getting funded strategically by placing funding raising events in high-income areas.

Or even by persuading the government to believe in your vision. It will also help you to think about how you are going to go about hiring workers and getting help from locals in the area.

If you are in non-profit and you want to create a strategic plan for your organization. So you can bring your vision of helping other persons in need come to reality. You can look at the example below of how to create a strategic plan.


Organization analysis

You are firstly going to analyze your organization properly in search of its strengths and weaknesses. Look at the issues that your company might face in the future such as government might be low on reimbursements, the geographic location is challenging etc.

Opposite to the issues you are going to look at the opportunities your organization will probably have. An example would be changes in technology might result in a certain product being sold cheaply to poorer nations.


Analyze environment

Analyze the environment that you are going to venture off into. Look at the geographic location, demographic etc. This will help you to adjust your strategies. Then create a plan based off of the data you are to collect through this process.


Mission statement

In your mission statement you are going to state your organization’s main mission. This will help everyone to feel inspired to work towards a main goal. Look at who you are serving, what are the problems your company is trying to solve. Where is the geographic location of your main plan? Also give a brief overview of how you are going to solve the problem.



In your vision you are to simply going to state where you want to go as an organization. Also have a perspective on how do see your company in 10-20 years.



This is probably the most important part of your strategic plan. You are going to develop strategies on how you are going to go about fulfilling your mission and vision. For example a strategy would be to buy media campaigns to help raise funding in order to buy equipment.

Goals and objectives

You are going define your organization’s main goals and objectives for the next 2-5 years. This will help to set your team in a certain direction. Goals will help in giving your company aims while objectives will help to quantify those aims.

For example a goal would be I want to give ensure that children in certain parts of Africa are getting proper clean water. Your objective might be I want to give at least 200,000 children clean fresh water in Africa in 3 years.



Well most non-profits don’t generate any money. So at times unless you are going to use your own money you are going to need to get funding. It’s necessary to develop a separate plan or strategy for funding because it’s really important.

Make certain to develop a proper plan for fundraising, list out your necessary funding sources whether through the public, investors etc. Then develop plans on how to achieve them. Additionally show them how you are going to use their money to achieve your goals.



After your plan is finish it is necessary to continuously review it to see if everything is working according to your strategies.

You are going to also look for any changes that may disrupt your organization and develop plans to adapt.

In summary it’s important to create strategic plans in your organization. As a non-profit organization if you follow the steps above. You will be one step closer toward creating a successful organization,


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