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Standardized Work

Standardized work can help you boost quality and performance: These working standards are reasonable documents where content often does not change. The last category is, of course, most famous part of everything.

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Standardized work is only available in manufacturing if certain conditions are met. If these conditions are not met, it is better to use something else or to solve problems which prevent the use of standardize work.

At the factory with documentation, the top example was the regulatory bodies that relied on whether or not to follow the procedure. The form must also be changed every month until the cycle time changes. If the changes in demand caused tactile changes, the number of actions that each operator could handle could also change.

That way, company has balanced demand each month for customer needs and added / reduced number of employees on a particular production line.

When this information is shared, they all standardize this standard, so every job is always the best way. Leaders have a duty to properly promote the standard work, so that employees respect need and invest in its improvement.

Creativity and independent thinking are needed to improve, both are limited if the standard work of employees is considered restrictive and difficult. Standard work on how to talk to clients while calling them is unlikely to be so good and can lead to strong, unpleasant moments with clients and employees recite script messages.

When the mode of operation differs from employee to employee, this can often lead to errors and loss of resources. Standardization means setting the default setting and aligning the conditions with that standard.

There are now steps in the standardization cycle.

First, we need to determine or recognize the standard. In fact, standards need to be constantly updated and improved. In addition, standardization evolves people through solving problems. In other words, norms are not flaws as a mistake. During the rest of the course you will thoroughly and deeply go through the standardized work, including large volumes, mixed models and daily activities…

For other parts, that’s why you have to learn how you see the mentor during business development over time. What you learn is work standardization, those parts that can not be always procedural.

This ensures that every process is performed in the same way, no matter who is involved and when. If the procedure only follows sporadically, it is not actually standardized. However, set a deadline to start standard work.

Standard work on the surface can sound like a place for you. The risk is to lose flexibility in your jobs. You have to work the same day and day, which makes your job boring. If everyone works standard, the quality of the parts gets way better, making it easier to work.

You have more roles for changes in your business — standard work lets you do this. The prerequisite for standard work is developing a business discipline of excellence. When the purpose and goals to employee and company is on the same line, that is not a problem at all. Your business productivity and performance will improve day after day.


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