Service Process Mapping: Ideas And Tools

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Service Process Mapping

Business process mapping is often a great way of having the processes impacting your business visualized. It is simple to understand the process, work with it and improve it.

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Service Process Map

In business process improvement we always start by mapping the current reality of the process or processes.

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Evaluating a roadmap of how the process is meant to work and ways in which a procedure really works is usually showing all the details we need to focus on.

These techniques, initially developed to be aware of production processes, tend not to always convert well when you work with services.

When you work with service process however you can apply the same strategy:

Any service process will take a lots of forwards and backwards – between all stakeholders, internal and external. Therefore we need to focus on the dynamics and interactions and identify the cause and effect relationships throughout the process.

Service process ordinarily has additional decision and control points. All decision points are really a great source of real information for your processes. These decisions support the answer to being familiar with all possible inefficiencies with your process.

Due to the unique nature of a service process, as well as the level of checks and decisions – the service process maps may look additionally too complicated at first to draw and develop a process map. Outlining all checks and decisions is essential, but when you create an excessive amount of complexness – this can create overload and make it hard for management to make the right decisions.

The individuals doing the job the exact process are classified as the only ones that really know the complexness on the process. They are really those who work throughout the decisions point everyday. Getting them on board when you map a service process gives important insight towards the business process map viability and acceptance by management.

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Take advantage of the process map to assist your decision making when developing strategies. They should describe what needs to be done in a usual implementation.

One can find different ways to do service process mapping. You can start from the bottom and work towards the top or the other way around.

Bottom to top process mapping starts off together with the finest details – all iterations, activities and steps to see the real picture of the process. When you work from the top – down, you typically start with the goals and strategies as well as stakeholders expectations. This is usually more effective way to do service mapping because you start by defining your customers’ requirements and can easily identify flaws and weaknesses as move downwards.

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