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Sales Management Strategies

Sales Management with Excel

Manage all steps in your sales processes in order to successfully manage the sales team is key to success. This is important to any business owner, sales manager or executive in any type of organization. It doesn’t matter if your business is established or brand new or what type of organizational structure you have. The sales and management principles are the same and never change.

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From leads to locating where the seller has to improve the presentation, to creating a better sales pitch and sales pipeline management – always the key is managing and classifying problems and achieving reliable results. Be in touch with each seller daily and offer support to keep up the morale and high productivity at any time.

Establishing the sales structure begins with business plans.

These are key control points and will include organization strategies and goals as they stimulate business tactics. Is strategy focused on big or small buyers, restaurants before hotels or residential vs business accounts..? Is strategy of increasing your current account business or opening a new one?In other words what is your sales strategy – will drive the way you shape, build and manage your sales team.

Hire sales managers which are aware of the actual sales process required to find accounts and clients that are well suited to achieving your actual business goals. Find the structure of commission awards or wages plus commission, depending on challenge and the required expertise. This is very important because it should drive the sales reps to perform better for the business and for themselves. Meaning: the individual goals and company goals must be aligned in a perfect way to leverage higher sales performance. Setting sales targets based on income required to build the business profitable.

Always understand and know the necessary costs and investments you have to make. To sell when goal remains set and the scale is established then additional sales targets – to expand business – need to set individual sales targets or work with the formulation to fill your sales pipeline. Once this is set up, a sure % will result into proposals or sales open to give the seller the professional gears needed to fill out the job of selling. Have a plan for each sales team meeting, have a budget aimed at your sales goals and activities. Distinguish and outline what you can realistically expect from any sales rep on your sales team founded on the past performance and the market outlook.

For example, selling A products can result in 25% of sales. Selling B product scan do 35%, while the seller must generate all leads to remain fruitful at the final 20% rate throughout the first months. In good or poor economic times they will have to constantly ask questions that go beyond their products or services, learn more about customers’ activities, their situations, needs…

They are working hard toward building a deep trust in customers and potential buyers. Lead the seller to the products or services of the company. Provide support for continuing professional sales training, mentoring and coaching for continuous improvement.


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