Sales Report Format In Excel

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Sales Report Format in Excel Template

A sales report is an important document to be used in most organizations. It will help you to track your sales data over a period of time. This information can then be analyzed to see how efficiently your sales team is performing. It will also allow you to put the right strategies in place to increase your sales volume. Additionally you could even use this data to make important business decisions.

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For example suppose when you analyze your sales report over a 12 month period and you notice that your sales always peaked between the months of June to September. This will allow you to make the right decision to buy the necessary materials and get the right amount of labor and resources to match demand when that time period comes back around.

Sales Report Format in Excel
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If you are interested in creating a sales report for your organization. Using Excel will help to make your job way easier. Business men and women have come to rely on Excel over the years to create a lot of applications. That they could then use in their organizations. To create a sales report in Excel is also quite easy.

You can see a tutorial on how to create a simple one below. If you are beginner in Excel and want to learn it.

This tutorial could help you a lot in getting to know the software and how to use some of the basics. On the other hand if you just want a sale report to use and don’t cater to learn Excel or you want a more sophisticated report.

You can easily download a template off of the internet. After that you can just import it, insert your data and you are up and running.


Sales report format in Excel Downloads, Examples and Tutorial

Step 1

This is an example of a one week sales report but you can apply this strategy to create other sales report in Excel. First off you must create 5 main columns.

These include days, in office sales, outside calls, file phone calls and total.

Step 2

Under the days column you are going to have 8 sub-columns 7 showing days of the week and 1 for sales total.

Step 3

To calculate the sum of the totals in each row for each day of the week, you got to firstly go on the total column on the far right. Click on each row then go to home and click on autosum. Excel will now do the hard work by adding up all the sales numbers for a single day.

This same strategy can be applied by adding up all the different sales data in the different columns under in office sales, outside sales etc. To do this go to the sales total row and just keep adding up everything under each column using autosum.

Step 4

Creating a chart in Excel would help to visualize the data better as well. It’s also pretty easy; all you got to do is select the data you want to include in your chart. Next go on the insert tab and choose the chart you want to include from the charts group.

In retrospect this is a simple tutorial you can use to help you with your sales report. Creating a sales report is also pretty easy and if you got the patience and the determination. You can use this strategy to create a more advance sales report with different functionalities and formulas. You can see a simple mockup of one below.

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