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Sales Pipeline Management in Excel

Sales Management has always been one of the most challenging business disciplines. Today, managing sales, developing business and generating new sales are activities that are even more challenging than ever before.

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In addition, sales management is one of the most stressful roles in business – the pressure for profits and new business is always on, sales goals and targets are more aggressive, competition is getting stronger everyday, sales professionals are pushed to deliver more with less… the list goes on and on.

Learn about Sales Pipeline in Excel

Being a successful sales manager, sales rep or any type of sales professional requires wearing many different hats and performing many different tasks…

But, wait a minute! Aren’t we supposed to focus our time at what really works and be more productive by doing what we are really supposed to do…


Should I focus on building my relationships with customers, generating new leads or wasting time on creating sales reports?


  • Create Sales Funnel Reports with a click of a button in Excel.
  • Manage your Sales Process Effectively without wasting time any more on unproductive activities.
  • Become more efficient Sales Manager by managing and controlling all aspects of your Sales Funnel.
  • Focus on what really drives your Sales Growth.
  • No more wasted time on creating tools, reports and templates. Now your Sales Funnel is organized sales system.
  • Set your sales goals and focus on developing your business and exceeding your sales goals and targets.
  • Now you are able to find any sales funnel information you need in a few minutes and you can do it anytime without any help from anyone.
  • No excel skills required to use your Sales Funnel, no training, no learning curve, no monthly fees… You are ready to start using the Sales Funnel right now.

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Top 5 Challenges for Sales Managers, Sales Reps and Sales Professionals

 The most frequent issues and challenges for Sales Managers today are:

  • Plan (forecast) and manage the sales growth while meeting or exceeding the sales targets.
  • Get organized and focus on the sales producing activities. Improve the current sales process and activities to maximize ROI.
  • Improve sales force productivity, better allocate resources and optimize the sales budget.
  • Focus on the right markets and the right sales opportunities. Generate better leads and sell the right product to the right customers.
  • Identify sales trends and issues as soon as possible and develop and adjust sales strategies.


Sales Funnel / Sales Pipeline Software for Excel

The Sales Pipeline or Sales Funnel Tool for Excel is an easy-to-use software designed for sales and business development professionals.

The best way to demonstrate the power of the Sales Funnel for Excel is to go through a short and simple overview of an effective Sales Funnel.

What is a Sales Funnel, How to Develop your Sales Funnel and What Should be in your Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is a sales process also called sales pipeline used by sales managers, business managers and other business decision makers involved in business development, sales and marketing.

The general idea behind the sales funnel is to simply create an organized and systematic process for sales development and business growth.

Organizing your company’s sales activities and selling steps from the beginning through the end is a creation of disciplined sales process that can be managed, organized and controlled.

The sales funnel allows everyone in your organization to be on the same page – it provides more organized reporting; it improves your sales meetings and improves the quality of your communication within your organization.

A very well defined and organized sales funnel and sales process will lead to a better focus on your business growth and development.

The first step in developing a new sales funnel or improving your current sales funnel is mapping the typical sales and marketing process in your company.

In general every company uses marketing, prospecting, cross-selling… (these are general sales and marketing processes and activities), but on the other side every company is unique in the way it uses these sales processes – so it is very important to develop a sales funnel / sales pipeline that really shows your sales funnel activities (your reality) instead of using general sales management activities and categories. Your sales funnel should be customized to your business.

You need to balance between developing too detailed sales funnel on one hand and developing a very general sales funnel on the other hand.

However, these are the sales funnel categories you should include in your sales pipeline in order to be able to manage and improve your sales in an effective and efficient way:

Your sales funnel should show the offering related to each entry in your funnel. Your offering is whatever your company market and sells such as product, service, event, experience…

You need to make a list of all offerings you sell – if you have many products and services try to categorize them.

Again you should think carefully how detailed or general you need to be on this one. The bottom line is that later on when you use your sales funnel you want to be able to drill down / filter the sales opportunities by product or service.

If you are too general and you use very general product categories you might find yourself lacking information and on the other hand if your list of products and services is too long your reports might be too complex.

Your sales funnel / sales pipeline needs to be manageable, practical and easy to use.

For each entry or sales opportunity in your sales funnel you need to have a sales potential value which is an estimate of how much revenue or sales you expect to generate if you close a specific sales opportunity.

This is very important information because you are able to see the total sales potential of all sales opportunities in your funnel or the total of sales potential by product, sales rep, leads… at any time.

Time is money! Try to keep an accurate timeline as much as you can for your sales management plan – this is very important for your business success. Each sales opportunity has to have an expected close date (the sooner the better).

Probability in your sales funnel is the likelihood of closing a certain deal or sales opportunity.

This answers the question: How likely we are going to close this sales opportunity? While no one can know the exact probability it is a good approach to develop a skill to estimate probability.

Probability varies over time as you move your prospect through the sales funnel stages and steps – for example a sales opportunity that used to have a 50% probability now it can be at 90%.

This is very important. Since your company is unique and different from any other company it should have a sales process that reflects your reality: how you market and sell – what is your typical sales process.

Defining the real picture in your sales process will help you better manage your sales funnel and your reports will be practical and straight to the point.

The sales rep category includes the “sales rep” for each account – the entity who is in charge of this opportunity (this can be an individual or a company).

For example, in this sales pipeline category you need to include the companies, dealers, distributors, affiliates and others who sell and market your products and services.

Finally, you need to know who is bringing the business to your table and understand the effectiveness of your lead generation process.

This sales funnel category helps you understand, monitor and improve your lead generation process and really understand what works and what does not work for your business.

The lead category will include your lead generation channels such as advertising, website, referral, trade show, print media… depending on your marketing activities – be as specific as possible here because this is valuable information which can help you improve your marketing and sales management strategy and tactics and develop a better lead generation in the future.

Having all these sales funnel categories and tactics defined and used in your sales funnel makes a great sales management tool.

Your sales funnel is your most important sales management tool for business development and it will be part of your decision making, sales meetings and business reporting.

So now step back, invest some time and brain power and define your best sales funnel approach for your business – this is one of the best investments for your business development.

The only Sales Funnel Tool you’ll ever need!

The Sales Funnel for Excel is the Sales Management Software you need to implement all these steps in developing and managing your sales funnel.

This product keeps you organize and automates the sales funnel reports for you so you can view your sales and business development performance and activities at any time by simply clicking a button in your Excel program.

You just need to enter each of your sales opportunities once with the information for the categories described above and this tool will take care of generating the sales funnel reports for you. This is the only sales management software you need to manage your sales funnel effectively and efficiently!

Sales Pipeline for Excel is a Sales Management Software for Microsoft Excel. This is an easy-to-use sales funnel product and very simple sales management application which allows anyone to create, maintain, and manage their Sales Funnel data and create Sales Reports with a click of a button in Excel.

This product allows you to manage your sales team more efficiently and effectively by saving you time every single day plus you have organized sales funnel reports which helps you make better business development decisions and focus on growing your business.

This automated Microsoft Excel Application will generate Sales Reports with Weighted Expected Revenue based on your data in Excel such as Sales Reports by Month, Sales Reports by Sales Rep, Sales Reports by Lead, Sales reports by Sales Process Stage and Sales Reports by Product or Service Offering.

All the product features have been developed in a way that anyone regardless of the level of computer skills can use it.

This is the simplest and most powerful sales funnel tool for your business. This sales management software allows you to customize your data entry based on your business such as use your own sales process steps, sales reps, and leads generated by your business.

To summarize, with the Sales Pipeline for Excel you have an opportunity to…

Own the best selling Sales Funnel tool at half the regular price.

Save time every single day starting from today.

Get all the benefits of fancy and expensive sales tools they want you to buy for a fraction of their cost.

Own your Sales Management Software – this product is an Excel tool you can copy and paste and use it forever without any additional cost.

Get organized. Organize your sales management and focus on growing your sales!

Hundreds of Sales Professionals can’t be wrong

The Sales Pipeline for Excel is the best investment I ever made!

– Adam Russel, Sales Executive

This is my favorite management tool. It’s very simple to use and gives me all the information I need to stay on top of my sales force.

– Troy Crawford, Regional Manager

They didn’t think I could manage all my sales info on my own, but I did! Thanks!

– Andy Fowler, Business Owner

I use the Sales Funnel to track all my campaigns. It takes me only a few minutes a day and I always know what works and what doesn’t work for my business.

– Jake Bridges, Management Consultant

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