Safety KPI Examples

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Examples of Safety KPIs in Business

Organizations must ensure that their employees are always protected and work in a safe environment. We are now in an age where employees expect to work in a safe and easy going environment. For managers one of the other responsibilities they have is to help maintain top quality in their company or else those employees can easily move to a competitor.

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Safety KPI Examples Report
Safety KPI Examples Using Excel Dashboards

One of the main strategies managers can implement to keep top quality into their environment and ensure that it’s safe for work is integrate a safety key performance indicator in their organization.

If you are new to this well basically safety KPI is simply a system a company implements to make sure that their working environment is safe for all workers so that it can prevent them from getting hurt which can be detrimental.

On the news we constantly see former employees file lawsuit against a mega corporation because they were injured at work and they never got compensated for it or the situation was poorly handled.

Safety key performance indicator is used to measure the information of different accidents that can or did occur within an organization. If it’s a very dangerous environment where human accidents sometimes are inevitable they must ensure that the area is constantly being supervised because when certain accidents happen at work and a person is seriously injured it can spread to the media like wildfire and everything can go downhill after that.

As managers we all would want to have an environment where accidents don’t happen frequently but if your working environment is dangerous well the only thing you can do is to educate workers properly so they can function well in that working environment.

You can also keep track of the different accidents that did or almost occur so you can evaluate the information in meetings to see how you could tackle the issues.

One of the tricky safety KPIs managers have to measure for is for accidents that almost occurred. The reason for this is because the accident when you look into it, there was no accident at all and to measure that sometimes can be a bit confusing.

To try and counter this issue what you guys can do is get the time of when it occurred, the location where to too place and brief description of what exactly happened. This information when evaluated along with your team can smooth things out to see how much of an issue the incident was.

Tracking the number of times an employee has been involved in an accident is also another metric you must track for. It allows you to see how much that employee is costing your organization and how you can prevent it from not happening again in the future.

Safety KPIs help keep your organization safe and employees happy because they know that they are working in a safe environment and your company have their backs covered whenever they encounter accidents.

Download Business Management Templates Excel Dashboards KPI Reports

 More Safety KPI Examples:
  • Overall Incident Rate
  • Number of non-critical accidents
  • Lost time because of critical accidents
  • Lost time as a result of non-critical accidents
  • Overall safety training hours
  • Monthly safety prevention costs


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