RFM Analysis Application for Microsoft Excel

RFM analysis or recency – frequency – monetary analysis is known as a marketing strategy useful to identify which customers or clients tend to be the best simply by analyzing how recently an actual customer bought (recency), how frequently they buy (frequency), as well as how much a customer usually spends (monetary).

RFM evaluation draws on the Pareto rule that 80% of the business is produced by only 20% of the customers.

This product allows you to perform RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) Analysis of your Customer Data with a click of a button in Microsoft Excel.

RFM for Excel is fully automated Excel Application which converts your customer data into RFM groups / segments and assigns RFM scores / rank for each of your customers.

RFM for Excel requires the following customer information: customer name, last purchase date, number of purchases made by each customer and the amount spent by each customer.

Once you enter / update your customer information with a click of a button RFM for Excel creates RFM analysis and filter options so you can easily see all RFM groups / segments or filter the RFM groups you want to analyze and report.

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