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Excel Quality Report Format Templates

Quality reports help you to give a brief summary of the quality of a certain operation or product in your organization. It’s an essential task that must be performed in any business. For example suppose you are figuring out if your product is ready to go to market. But before you ship it you want to perform a quality test to ensure that everything is up and ready.

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You can do the test and communicate that information with your team member or managers in your organization who are responsible for that area by using a quality report. In that report you are might include the different product defects that you’ve found, compare your product with your competitors to see if it meets the quality standard etc.


Quality Report Format in Excel
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Every organization’s quality report is most likely going to be set up different. Simply because of the structure of their different operations and their quality objectives. Creating a quality report is pretty simple because of Excel.

Depending on the complexity of your operations and what you are testing. You can create one in just a couple minutes. Below you can see a tutorial on how to create a quality report format in Excel. If you’re a beginner don’t worry because this tutorial is going to be simple and you won’t have headaches. As for the Experts this tutorial will show you how a quality report format should look if you don’t know already.


Quality report format in Excel walkthrough


This report is going to report on the quality of the different parts of a consumer product that’s checked in a given day and should later be assembled together.


Step 1

Open up Excel if you haven’t already. At the top you are going to have 4 columns, these are going to be named checker name, total units checked, date and total defects found.


Step 2

You are now going to have 5 columns. These are hours, total pieces checked, number of defective pieces, total defects found and comments. Under hours you are going to have hour-1, hour-2, hour-3 up until hour-8 and total. These are the amount of hours in a given working day. The other columns are very self-explanatory.


Step 3

Most of the work is now done. In the total row you are going to add up the total for the other columns such as the total pieces checked column, total defects found etc. To add up everything in a single column all you got to do is first select all the cells you want to add up.

Next go to home click on the autosum option which is pretty visible. Then press enter and you’re done, you will see the final value in the total row.

This is just a simple method you can use to create a quality report format in Excel. As you can see the steps are also pretty easy to follow as well.

You can use this as a template to modify and build other reports off of if you’re interested. Or you can just create one from scratch by following the basic methods above. You can see an example of everything below.

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