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A dashboard is an at-a-glance visual summary. It displays the most valuable information, focusing on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). When you use Excel dashboards specifically for quality metrics, it adds many tangible benefits to the entire system.

These are simple and communicate very specific data depending on the corporation. Different industries require a different set of quality metrics. They represent key indicating data that is relevant and aligned to that of the targets of an organizational progression.

Quality metrics solidify the ground that you are providing your customers with high-quality service or products. Before moving on to the next step, make sure to:

● Identify relevant quality metrics
● Determine their efficiency

Terms of Quality Metrics

● They should be directly connected to the improvement of a corporation’s product/service
● They should be precise and translate customer’s needs to contribute to performance improvement

Indicating to a remove fact, not all corporations are the same. So, they don’t have the same system of recording data and representing them. Quality metrics may differ. It is important to keep a few factors constant when choosing quality metrics to ensure standard quality.

The quality metrics you choose in your excel dashboard should be:

Measurable: Specify a number. “A lot of products function to their full potential in this batch” is a vague term. It makes you look less competent as an employee. “75 products in this batch reached their full potential” is a more measurable data. You can just brush up on it in a second.
Actionable: The data from which you can consider, analyze and potentially evaluate, should be insightful information to help your organization.
Managed: You should maintain the data and refresh constantly to keep on track
Aligned with organizational targets: Your brand message, the Unique Selling Point or USP of your brand should be fulfilled. For example, if you are using quality metrics that refer to the different design patterns on your product that the majority of your customer is not expectant of, then that is irrelevant.

Key Attributes of Using Excel Dashboards

Fine-tuning Excel dashboards for quality metrics under the following terms will ensure maximum achievement:

1. Graphical demonstration of data is the prime key factor. Under various types of graphical representation, you can showcase the key trends. You can also compare data of both individuals and time-framed reports and other important variables.
2. Demonstration of relevant data to the target of the dashboard
3. Coordinating goals with the predetermined results and indicating them in the spreadsheet so that anyone getting a glance don’t have to do further unnecessary analysis. They can just skim through.

Metrics for Dashboards

The following are metrics that can be identified in correlation to the company’s goals. You should be able to explain them in Excel Dashboards under different demographics, how they apply to the quality with clarity and mention possible limitations.

1. Tensile Strength
2. Shear Strength
3. Customer Satisfaction
4. Material Scrap
5. Product Defect Rate

In conclusion – the importance of quality metrics in project management can be best translated in dashboards as they allow smooth operation in companies.

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