Project Report Format In Excel Templates

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Project Report Format in Excel

Project report is one of the most important documents you are going to use when managing a project. What is a project report? It is a document you use to show detail analysis of your project’s progress before, during or after a project is finished.

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If you don’t use a project report it’s going to be hard for you to get a proper overview of what’s really going on. When you create a project report it forces you to analyze your different processes. As a result of that it will help you to spot areas that are not operating well. So that you can make the necessary changes to fix them.


Project Report Format in Excel Templates
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Project report also helps you in communicating important information about the project’s progress across your organization. Furthermore it helps to keep everyone updated on what’s going on.

To create a project report one of the most popular tools you can use is Excel. All across the globe persons have found this software to be quite convenient. It helps them to create not just a report but a lot of other useful programs.

It’s quite simple to create a project report in Excel although it can cause beginners to get a bit intimidated due to its interface. But once you know the basics you are going to be quite fine going forward.

Below you can see a tutorial on how to create a simple project report in Excel. If you are a beginner this will help you in knowing the basics. If you are an expert and you have never created a project report before this certainly can help you as well.


Project Report Format Excel Examples


Step 1: Open up Excel and create three top columns. These are Project name, project manager and date.

Step 2: You are going to then create 3 more columns on another row.  They are going to be named project elements, health and review.

Step 3: Under project element you are going to have schedule, budget, resources, quality, scope, risks and issues.

Step 4: Under the health you are going to grade the health of the different areas of your project in three categories bad, good and excellent.

Step 5: As a project manager under the review column, you are going to give a brief review of each area from your perspective. Overall most of your work is now done.

It would be great if you could put some color onto your report. It will help you to better keep track of your data. To do this you got to firstly select all the cells you want to put your color on.

Next go on home and click on fill color or the arrow beside it and choose the color you want to use and you’re done. You can see an example of everything below.

In summary this is just a simple example of how to create a project report in Excel. This is a very simple tutorial you can follow.

As a beginner you can use this tutorial as a starting point to start learning Excel. Otherwise from creating it yourself, if you want to you can download a project report template off of the internet and start implementing it in your business immediately.

A lot of persons have capitalized on that method as well. But it would be good to at least know the basics. That’s one of the reasons why the tutorial shown above can be useful.

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