Project Management Kick Off Meeting Agenda Template

Templates for Project Management Kick Off Meeting Agenda

Before you start off any project whether it’s in business or personal having a kick-off meeting is really important. It will help lay the ground work for what should take place throughout the entire project’s cycle. Furthermore it’s also really necessary to get your kick-off meeting right; the main talking points should be discussed clearly.

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So your team understands what needs to be done and how you all are going to go about executing the different strategies in order to achieve a certain objective. To make the job of your kick-off meeting easier. Below you can see an agenda template you can use.


Project Management Kick Off Meeting Agenda Template


You can use this template to help create your meeting agenda or modify some parts of it to your preferences.


Project Management Kick-off Meeting Agenda Template


Project details


At the top you are going to have your project details. You should include your project name, project manager name, meeting date, meeting time and meeting location.

In the introduction you are going to identify the different persons at the meeting and the particular roles each are going to entail on the project.


Project overview


You are going to give a brief overview of the project. You must show who what the project is about, what main problems the project is going to solve are and how the project is being funded.

Lastly you are going to include what are the different technologies being involved in the project to make it successful.


Project details


You are going to discuss the main details of the project; you must delve deeper into the information. Talk about the landscape of the project and the different goals and objectives. Also you can talk about what the project is going to accomplish if it’s achieved.

Furthermore discuss the project timeline and discuss your different milestones for the project and main dates. Lastly you must discuss the main challenges that your project is going to face during its process.

This will let everyone know the certain levels of risk that’s going to be involved so they can adjust their approach towards that.


Roles and responsibilities


Distribute and talk about the different roles and responsibilities for each team member that are going to be involved in the project. Also talk about your role as a project manager. Show them what you are going to do to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Next steps


Discuss the next steps that need to be done after the meeting. Talk about what is going to happen next. Discuss the main problems that are preventing your project from starting off the proper way and how you are going to solve it.

The template shown above is going to help you in creating a proper kick-off meeting agenda. As stated before it’s important that you get this part of your project right.

The reason being is because this will get everything running for the rest of the project.  So as a project manager make certain to invest the time and effort needed to analyze your project and create an organized agenda template.

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