Production Plan Template For Excel

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Excel Template Production Plan

Production plan is an important activity to do in organizations who are regularly involved in manufacturing products. It helps you to put all your production processes and operations in a framework which makes it easy to monitor and analyzed by both you and your colleagues.

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Production Plan Template for Excel


By collecting data and analyzing it. It will help you to see areas that are performing inefficiently that you can then find strategies to help solve. Creating a production plan is also pretty simplistic. You have a lot of software that you can download off of the internet that can help you to plan and manage your production processes.

Otherwise from using software, Excel is another tool you can use to create a production plan template for your organization. It’s also one of the cheaper and easier methods to use as well due to the fact that with the software system you kind of have a steep learning curve depending on how sophisticated your software is.

Excel comes with its own set of challenges as well but because it’s a lot cheaper and it can be more flexible. Persons tend to prefer it sometimes. Below you can see how to create a production plan template in Excel.

Tutorial on how to create a production plan template in Excel

Step 1

This production plan is going to be for an animation movie. Firstly you are going to have 7 columns horizontally across showcasing 8 weeks and one for activity. So you are going to have activity, week 1, week 2 go onwards in each column until you’ve reached week 7.

Step 2

Under task you are going to have script, story board, animatic, 2d character design, 3d character design, 2d environmental design, color test, sound test, graphics test and publish.

Step 3

In each of the column under task you are going to put a green cell in each week when a task was finished and a red when it’s unfinished. This will help you to track the progress of your film production over the course of 7 weeks.

To put colors in your cell is pretty easy as well. All you got to do is click on the cell you want the color to be in. Go to home, next go on the fill color option and click on the color you want to use.

Most production plans are different. It all depends on what your project requires. The example shown above is pretty simple as you can see it’s only done in three short steps. You can also make changes to it any wish to suit your business purposes.

You also have a lot of other templates you can find online that you can get inspiration from to implement in your organization. Some of them are even downloadable as well which you can use in your organization instantly. It would be great to follow the tutorial above.

You will learn a lot especially if you’re a beginner and it’s your first time using Excel. You can see it in full below.

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