Positioning In Marketing Strategies, Examples And Templates

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Positioning in Marketing

What is Positioning in Marketing?

Marketing Positioning Strategies

Within marketing as well as strategy in general, market positioning relates to customer’s notion of the brand name or product or service in regards to competitive companies and products and services.

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Market positioning indicates the method for building image and personality of the brand name and product in order that customers see it within certain manner.

For illustration:

An automobile manufacturer could position per se as high end reputation

A electronics producer can position the products as most efficient and long-term enduring

A food bistro could position as the supplier of low-priced and fast foods

An espresso business might position as resource for high quality trendy espresso drinks

A retail business could position as location to purchase home essentials at lower costs

A laptop manufacturing business could position as providing stylish, ground breaking as well as user friendly modern technology products and services for business users

Positioning of your Brand Name

The positioning of brand, product or service is process that concerns marketing the company in certain manner to make and determine image or personality in the thoughts of customers throughout the target audience.

Market positioning will have to be retained in the lifetime of your company and products. Executing this demands ongoing marketing attempts developed to increase the market awareness of your product or service as well as your brand.

Rethinking Positioning in Marketing

Rethinking a product implies modifying the place within the brains of customers and basically modifying the actual image and personality.

If you are rethinking or making an attempt to transform the customers notion of your current brand or products once it actually has been challenging, you might distance customers within the target market.


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Make sure you don’t confuse your target market

For instance, if high grade extravagance car or truck producer out of the blue cut the price tags of the cars or trucks and started promoting all of them on the exact same costs like more cost-effective manufacturer, people might not any longer experience the vehicles designed through the high-class motor vehicle maker as exclusive, despite the fact that the vehicle functions might continue to be the same.

Cost Management and Making a Difference: Cost Leader vs Differentiator Marketing Strategies

You will find two extensive groups of market position:

  1. cost management
  2. differentiation

Cost management and differentiation market positioning strategies can be applied for any kind of company as well as any market. Organization can opt to position itself making use of cost innovator strategy or differentiation strategy.

Cost Strategy

A business making use of cost innovator strategy tries to position within the customers as being an organization which provides products and services the customers need at rate that’s below rivaling products and services out there within the market.

Customers anticipate essential products and services without any special features from organization utilizing cost innovator strategy. Customers simply anticipate these products to satisfy their demands and absolutely nothing more then that.

Tip: Market positioning is all about setting the right expectations in the mind of your target market
Differentiation Strategy

A business making use of differentiation strategy tries to position as an organization which offers exceptional items which customers would pay much more for given that they can’t locate similar product or service attributes any place else within the market.

The customers count on much more from differentiated products and as such are ready to pay more for differentiated product or service. It is accurate so long as the distinctive characteristics of your products are beneficial to your users and buyers.


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Positioning will help set up the personality within the eye of your customer. The business positioning strategies are impacted by many factors relating to consumers’ motives and needs and by rival companies’ behavior. Before that you position the products or services, you really should respond to the questions concerning your current market as well as your services and goods:

  • What is the customer actually purchasing from your business and why?
  • How is the service or product distinct from all other products offered by your rivals?
  • What will make the products and services special?

Once you have clarified these types of issues dependent on the marketplace analysis, you might next start to build a positioning approach for the strategic business plan.


Marketing Strategy Template


The positioning report for business strategy plan does not need to be fancy or very long – however it must indicate who the target market will be, exactly how you can get to all of them, what they are actually purchasing from your business, who the competitors and what the unique selling position will be.

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