Planning A Sales Route: Tips And Ideas

How to Plan a Sales Route

Planning a sales route is one of the most important activities of successful sales people. You own sales route define who you talk to, visit and how often you engage your prospects and customers. Visiting customers on an ongoing basis helps you develop better relationships with your customers in addition to increased sales.

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As a result of this, you should pay attention and check the quality of your current sales route planning strategy. Improvement to your sales route plan might equal to increase in your sales and efficiency.


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For salesmen who deliver the results based on commission rate, planning a sales route is really a key to do business. Each and every time spent planning on your next sales route you are not involved in a sales activity. Spend less time by planning a sales route to choose your sales route more effective and much more successful.
Use some sort of simple CRM system to act as the basis of the sales route plan.

Make use of a table to be able to list your current contacts, all their addresses as well as info. Add a column for you to rank the contacts based on where they may be within your sales pipeline. Include extra columns so that you can list the actual frequency which you have to contact each person, the particular time from the previous call and also to write down notes with regards to the results of this call as well as your objectives for the following call.

Chart your current clients’ locations. Pick a proper routing application for your accounts you support. Applications or tools like Google maps can be sufficient in most cases.

Turn to your schedule to find out which addresses have greatest priority. Organize your time around these types of top priority customers. Check with your current map to spot which you are able to pay a visit to on a single day. Add additional time using low priority phone calls within the exact same location.


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Keep a reasonable combination wherever your current sales cycle can be included. Maintain new sales within the sales pipeline even while delivering support to existing customers.

Type in the actual addresses of every account you will check out on the specific day on your route. Mapping computer software programs probably the most reasonable sales route instantly. Positions tend to be based on the actual order by which a person enters the location address.

Keep track of your spreadsheet and keep it up tp date by developing a habit to add notes every day.


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