Performance Development Plan Sample Goals

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Performance Development Plan Sample Goals and Objectives

Creating a reliable performance development plan for your organization will help to ensure that your organization is always performing at a high level. If you are creating a plan you have to also make certain that your goals are aligned with your plan and vice versa.

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A performance development plan can work in almost any area of your organization where employees are working. You can create a plan in your human resource department, warehouse, customer service, production line etc.


Performance Development Plan Sample Goals
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When you develop a performance plan for your employees you are going to set measurable performance standards that they must always try to maintain. You are also going to place specific expectations on what kind of work must be done.

On a daily basis or over a certain period of time in your organization. Performance development plan can also help you to look at your organization’s future needs. As a result of that you can then help train current full time employees to match those needs.

Furthermore it can help you to focus on your employee’s key areas of strengths and interest. That is much different from their original working position in your organization. This can be a great to give your employees opportunities outside their present role at your organization.

When thinking about a performance development plan, you got to think about three main aspects of an employee. These are their skills, personal attributes and lastly their knowledge. These will help you to evaluate the true value they are adding towards your organization.

You have to also look at how their performances are matching up to your organization’s goals.


Below you can see a list of performance development goals you can set in your organization to improve employee’s performances.


  • Create a culture of communication within our organization that can lead to collaboration on interesting ideas and innovation
  • Ensure that all employees arrive at work on time within 6 months
  • Make certain that managers and supervisors communicate frequently with their team
  • Increase the number of calls made per day by 5%
  • Managers should always discover the issues within a team that prevents each of them from performing at their highest level
  • Keep short regular meetings to be updated on what everyone is doing on a team
  • Create a program to cross train certain employees so they can learn new skills
  • Encourage managers to delegate more task among their team to get everyone involved
  • Ensure that everyone shows respect to one another when it relates to their experience, skills and ideas
  • Improve employee satisfaction by 15% in 12 months

These are just some of the goals you can set in your performance development plan. Goals usually vary by organization because of different times of the year and furthermore objectives changes throughout a business cycle.


How to track your performance goals and metrics


In summary performance development plan is a great strategy you can use to improve your employee’s performance by seeking out areas of weakness and try to improve on them. When all your employees’ performances are improved you will notice a great wave of efficiency and productivity within your organization.

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