Decision Tree Analysis Tips

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Complex decisions require well organized and structured approaches. A good decision making structure will help you outline your potential options and evaluate those options by comparing them on critical and important variables like risk, cost, profit, customer value, timing, resource … Continued

Excel Financial Templates, Dashboards, Scorecards, Software And Financial Analysis And Reporting Tools For Excel

Financial Dashboard, Financial Ratio Analysis, Financial Business Plan, Activity Based Costing, Accounts Receivable Manager, Financial Templates, Excel Dashboards and more… The financial templates and Excel business tools that will save you many hours, frustrations and help you focus on your … Continued

Excel Development & Automation Services

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Fully Customized Excel Services Custom Excel Automation and Development Services Do you find yourself wasting time with repetitive excel tasks and switching from one file to another? We can help! Custom excel dashboards, scorecards and any business management reporting tools … Continued