Operational Dashboard Examples Excel

Excel Dashboard Examples: Operational Dashboards

Operational Dashboard Examples Excel: Tracking your organization’s performance and measure how effective your operations are running can be done by using the operational dashboard. This tool can help you to visualize your different operational performances and processes. Panels and reports are usually the main characteristic of what an operation dashboard should consist of. You can then easily interpret and analyze the information along with your team to help spot areas of weaknesses which you can then improve upon.

Key performance indicators play a huge role in an operational dashboard. You can use these to track your company’s performances which will then be displayed in the operational dashboard. Furthermore you can even use this tool to analyze certain information that will strengthen your business decisions.


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Operational Dashboard Examples Excel
Operational Excel Dashboard Templates

You have a lot of operational dashboard examples you can use in your company. They tend to vary by organizations because they will usually have different goals and objectives. One of the main rules is that you have to ensure that your indicators are aligned with your organization’s vision. These metrics will tend to have a greater impact on your company and prevent wasting your time on unnecessary ones.  Another thing you should keep in mind is that operational dashboards are commonly used to also track operations in real time.

Not every operation can be tracked in real time. Some operations we would have to wait until a certain complex process is finished. Additionally you have certain operations that are hard to measure and track in real time. As a result of that you would have to wait until the entire process is finished to analyze it. While using this dashboard it will allow you to see problems developing in real time. This will allow to you act on them quickly to solve it before they escalate into something much bigger. Below you can see examples of what you can measure for in your operational dashboard.

Operation Dashboard Examples

•    Reduce daily production operational cost by 5% in 7 months
•    Increase daily profits by 10% in 5 weeks
•    Reduce customer daily customer resolution speed by 15% in 10 months
•    Improve daily production speed by 7% in 5 months
•    Improve daily user rate by 10% in 3 weeks
•    Reduce the percentage of weekly product defects by 10% in 1 month
•    Increase the production of unit per hour rate  by 5% in 3 weeks
•    Reduce weekly work in process products by 5% in 2 months
•      Increase the daily contact rate by 15% in 5 months

These are just some of the metrics you can measure for in your operational dashboard. That will help you track different operations in real time. As a business manager you have to see to it that the most important areas of your organization are being tracked and measured at all time.

As stated before what separate operation dashboard from other dashboards, is that these key performance indicators are measured in real time so hourly, daily and weekly.

If they are tracked one time for the month or quarter, that will not be effective enough for this dashboard. Lastly you need to ensure that they can be easily measured and interpret in real time. It’s plausible that you are going to probably have some indicators that are going to be hard to track. These can tend to take up a lot of your time which could’ve been used to interpret other important indicators.


Excel Dashboard for Operations Metrics
Track Operations Metrics: Executive Excel Dashboard Report Templates


To tackle this you must be strategic in how you are going to approach measuring and tracking them. If they don’t hold any value eliminate them immediately; keep it as simple as possible. It helps to reduce your cognitive load and improve focus.

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