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Management tips and tools this week:

Quality Plan for Construction Projects

Construction Projects Quality Plan In a highly regulated industry like construction a quality plan is necessary to not just keep workers safe. But to ensure that the project is carried out consistently and it’s in compliance with a certain level … Continued

Production Plan Template for Excel

Excel Template Production Plan Production plan is an important activity to do in organizations who are regularly involved in manufacturing products. It helps you to put all your production processes and operations in a framework which makes it easy to … Continued

Activity Based Costing Pros and Cons

ABC Costing Pros and Cons A lot of businesses who aren’t already implementing activity based costing in their organization can find it pretty useful if they tried. If they just rely on the plain traditional budgeting system which is still … Continued

How to Create a Quarterly Business Plan

How to Write a Quarterly Business Plan A number of circumstances may clarify the necessity to create a business plan which concentrates on a specific quarterly time period or 3 months. An organization may need approval in order to devote … Continued

Business Analysis Valuation Using Financial Statements

Business Analysis Valuation Financial Statements At times analyzing companies is no easy job. Despite the fact that the top analysts at Wall Street usually rake in millions yearly there is always a lot of pressure on their shoulders to perform. … Continued

Balanced Scorecard Financial Perspective Examples

Examples of Balanced Scorecard Financial Perspectives When you think about the balanced scorecard and its four main perspectives you must focus on in your organization. Otherwise from the internal business process perspective, the financial perspective is another area you must … Continued

Balanced Scorecard Learning and Growth Examples

Balanced Scorecard Learning and Growth In the learning and growth section of your balanced scorecard it’s basically about what your company must learn in order to improve. Now by looking at that definition it may seem pretty simple to create. … Continued

Budget vs Actual Excel Chart Templates and Examples

Budget vs Actual Excel Chart   Creating a budget vs actual comparison for your company will help you as a business owner to compare your projected budget value against its actual value. One of the main benefits of why this … Continued

Monthly Personnel Reviews Templates and Tips

Monthly Personnel Reviews Monthly personnel review is really a highly effective managing tool with regard to monitoring personnel activities plus effectiveness. In the event that an organization’s personnel handles the right subject matter within their reviews, supervisors can get a … Continued

Business Plan for Non Profit Examples and Templates

Business Plan for Non Profit Business plans are necessary in any organization that is serious about being competitive and becoming successful. It helps to show investors the roadmap of how your company will operate and achieve success. Non-profits are no … Continued

Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map Template

Download Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map Templates You can reap a lot of benefits by taking advantage of using a balanced scorecard. It’s a tool you can use to manage the different areas of your organization’s performance over a period of … Continued

Balanced Scorecard Internal Business Process Examples

Internal Business Process Examples for Balanced Scorecard Development Using a balanced scorecard in your organization can greatly improve your day to day results. For those who are new to balanced scorecard. It’s basically a tool you use in your organization … Continued

Roles and Functions of Effective Sales Teams

Characteristics of an Effective Sales Team The effective sales teams whether or not in a small businesses or perhaps a big organization, could be made up of people who originate from a number of industry backgrounds like hr, marketing or … Continued

Goals of Product Life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management Goals and Strategies In the same way people have a very defined life cycle starting when they are born and ending at death – products in addition have a defined product life cycle. With regard to … Continued


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Rated #1 Excel Dashboards, Scorecards and KPIs Reports