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Mr Dashboard Weekly
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Our team offers engaging, informative business management articles on a daily basis. With your busy lifestyle you’re liable to miss one or two. However, with “Mr Dashboard Weekly” you don’t have to worry. We bring our weekly dazzling dashboard content to you in one place. Whatever your goals, plans and motives, there’s something for everybody. Whether you want to knuckle down your account management or enhance your marketing strategies we’ll take you there…


What is Account Management?

We start with account management. Many businesses do brilliantly with attracting new customers. However, the vast majority fall short in one key area. That is account management. Instead of wondering how to get new sales leads, why not invest some time in keeping the hard-earned accounts you already developed?

Now more than ever it’s important to retain your accounts, all while adding to them. The simple, yet highly effective account management tips on the link above will help to get you started.


Marketing Leverage System

Marketing is a key component for any successful business. Whatever you’re aiming to achieve, a non-existent marketing leverage system will hold you back. However, with some of the tips in the link above your growth will astound you.

You can track your sales performance, and many other metrics, which will ensure success is around the corner. You can also see the seminar presentation and read the latest marketing journal article on the benefits of marketing systems.


KPIs for Sales Reps

However, perhaps you’re more interested in learning about how the Key Performance Indicators for Sales Reps work? If you read the above you’ll learn how to get the edge over your business rivals.


Marketing Strategies for New Products

You could have a killer new release product wise, but what good is it without the right strategy? The right strategies can ensure you’re the entrepreneur that everyone knows, not the one climbing 
the perennial ladder. Learn about adding to your strategies above.


Free Marketing Strategy Planning Template

Okay, now we know marketing is vital. How do we plan and use strategies you ask? Our free marketing strategy planning template on the link above will be the starting point and building block for your increasing marketing success.


Productivity Improvement Techniques and Tips

Your days of finishing the day with a half-finished to-do list are over. With the right Productivity Improvement Techniques you will utilize every precious second you have. Remember to work smarter, not harder. It starts with being productive.


Examples of KPIs for Customer Service

Here are some great Customer Service KPIs examples. Customer service is key to any business, and you can ensure you’re delivering a first-class service with our examples of customer service KPIs.


Pricing Strategy for New Product

Many businesses fall short by trying to make a quick buck. Although it might look good for a little while it offers no longevity, however, by creating a pricing strategy you will see consistent sales. By mastering this your success can better your rivals’. Why do you think your local pizza place has a buy-one-get-one-free offer. This pricing strategy keeps you coming back for more…


Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Keeping engaged with your employees is crucial. Check out our survey questions and examples. By taking on these ideas you’ll keep your business a happy, ever-growing one…


360 Degree Performance Appraisal Forms and Examples

Appraisal forms will set you along way away from your rival businesses. Your employees need- and deserve- to know the progress they’re making. The improvement that will follow will astonish you. Check out our appraisal form examples above.


Employee Development Plan Examples and Tips

To obtain unthinkable success one needs continuous growth. Putting your employees on a development plan offers just that. Not only is it rewarding for them, but it is for you and your business. The above shows you how to create employee development plans that will offer much more than a yearly evaluation. They’ll thank you for it for years to come.


Performance Appraisal Techniques and Ideas

By taking on some of the simple- above- employee performance appraisal techniques you’ll find the working relationship will continue to grow. With a happy workplace comes better results.


Multi Voting Technique in Business

Decision making is crucial to any business. However, Multivoting has changed the game. A long list of options can now be voted for and against. Not only does this make brainstorming easier, but it makes it fun too. These engaging techniques in the above article are a must try this week.


What Are HR Metrics?

It’s important to know all about HR metrics if you’re to keep a progressive, happy business. The above will teach you just that, and your new approach will lead to metric tracking like you never believed possible before.


Human Resource Planning Process Steps

Human Resource Planning Process Steps are vital. Check out the above. You’ll learn why the deciding the staff support you will offer will be crucial. To achieve consistent growth and success this is necessary.


KPIs for Operations Manager

Perhaps your Operations Manager wants to track his Key Performance Indicators. With various operations needing to be managed it’s important that you know exactly what you’re looking for and what you’re tracking, and the above will help you to do exactly that.


5S Lean Manufacturing Explained

Have you ever wondered how 5S Lean Manufacturing Principles could enhance your business? The above will show you how to organize your work space so you can get the best from yourself, your employees, and your business as a whole.


KPIs for Project Management

Whether you’re looking at the financial or non-financial side of things you will need to know the
key performance indicators. By knowing what’s essential and what’s not you will see a boost in your project management and that will be felt across the board.


Bottleneck Analysis in Business Operations

What so you know about Bottleneck Analysis Definition? The above will teach you how a bottleneck is usually a place of congestion within a system. This will help you upgrade your workload management. That’s worth reading in to.


What is Financial Reporting?

By reading the above you’ll learn exactly what Financial reporting is. It’s vital for your future that’s for sure. Tracking finances is vital for growth, sustainability and continuos success. A company not on top of their finances is one that falls in to trouble.


What is a SWOT Analysis?

The above will teach you all about SWOT Analysis. With so much competition in business you will have to keep your business model ever-growing and ever-changing. Read the above to find out why.


KPI Best Practices, Tips and Templates

Tracking the financial and non-financial KPIs is crucial. Read the above to find out the best KPIs practices and to get extra tips and templates.


Free Gap Analysis Template

The above offers you a free template for Gap Analysis. We talked about its importance earlier. So here’s a template to get you started.

Business Analytics vs Business Intelligence

Whether business analytics or business intelligence, both are vital. The above will show you how the analytics emphasizes on cresting new ideas by using statistics. This is a well-rounded worthy finishing piece for our weekly update.


Mr Dashboard Weekly
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All of these tips can only help to enhance your business and do better than your competitors.

We will see you next week!



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