Monitoring Employee Performance Plus Providing Feedback

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How to Track Employee Performance

Performance Management

It is very important for new managers to keep in mind that as important it is to track performance of employees – it is of same importance to provide constructive feedback. Monitoring employee performance is not a one-way street.

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Simply tracking employee metrics without providing feedback is monitoring without ever changing and improving the employee performance. 

Performance management stands out as the organized strategy a business will take within including the employees to fulfill the actual business objectives. Whenever personnel is effective, the business vision is accomplished. To find out what workers are actually being effective, management will have to constantly track employee’s results.

Recognize for business to have success, it is best to track projects continuously. Appropriate tracking requires often repeating to personnel the required steps to acquire certain objectives. Tracking employees allows to remain ahead of employee development – this may in addition help you find strategies to issues which are impacting business development.

Offer review to personnel. Feedback is vital given it provides staff members the idea of how good they may be executing. When they don’t get suggestions, they won’t determine what aspects they’re advancing throughout and exactly where they have to strengthen.

Feedback additionally makes the personnel want to succeed.

Employee management needs focused comments. The actual opinions you give could be linked to particular situations that the staff may understand, for example a specific job you presented the staff member to perform. Never incorporate info which has nothing with overall performances.

Additionally, make sure that you will be competent to offer a feedback. You need exposure to the staff member and then the work specifications to be capable to present reliable reviews.



Provide comments as frequently as it is practical and useful for your organization.

Do not just rely upon annual performance assessments by itself.

Maintain employees determined through telling them how they do all the time. Give quick suggestions for vital events — work with issues when they occur. Finish the actual feedback with useful tip and follow-up strategy for improvement.

Don’t leave the worker thinking of what he or she must do after that. Here is an example, when your comments informed a worker about the undesirable conduct towards some job concern, finish the reviews by giving her constructive actions she may take to reinforce the approach. Offer coaching and mentoring to help employees develop.

Don’t await official events to display the acknowledgement of worthy personnel. Through regularly keeping track of employees, you discover who fulfilled and even surpassed your specific expectancy. Use meetings, one on one discussion, phone calls and email to communicate your feedback regularly. For example, you can email appreciation email messages and provide congrats regularly for all those that accomplished great results.

Download Business Management Templates Excel Dashboards KPI Reports


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