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Marketing leverage system is a body of knowledge packaged in a way that can be used by any marketing manager, business manager and business owner. Users from different backgrounds and market sectors are able to apply these marketing strategies and tactics easily and grow their businesses.

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Marketing leverage system is all about understanding the benefits of marketing leverage system (the big picture), planning and organizing your marketing system (marketing leverage system development) and using the many simple tactics and strategies to grow your business (continuous system).

When you have marketing system in place, your business doesn’t depend on one marketing channel or one sales rep. It’s a system that you control and the ingredients of the system can be easily replaced and improved.


Quick overview of the marketing leverage system seminar:


Marketing Leverage System Seminar Quick Overview


Understanding the logic of marketing system (it has nothing to do with technology):


Little-known marketing secrets


The marketing leverage system PDF version will tech you and guide you everything you need to establish your own profitable, growth-oriented and sustainable marketing system.

Marketing Leverage System Table of Contents:

Welcome to the Marketing Leverage Program    7
The marketing leverage system    8
Requirement #1 to become a successful marketer: Cross industry thinking    11
Requirement #2 to become a successful marketer: Don’t be a nail    14
Requirement #3 to become a successful marketer: Build strong foundation before you do anything else    15
Your marketing and sales system is your most valuable asset    16
Why companies fail with marketing?    17
The benefits of marketing leverage system    19
Part 1: Target Markets, Segments and Customers    21
Your Ideal Customer    21
Segmenting Your Market for Success    25
What Is Wrong With Marketing to the “Average” Customer    26
Target Marketing    27
Business to Consumer (B2C) Segmentation    27
Event-Based Segmentation    30
Business to Business (B2B) Segmentation    31
Part 2: Offerings, Products and Services    33
Creating Successful Offerings Based On Your Current Products and Services    33
Unique Value Proposition (UVP)    36
Tools for Creating Competitive and Unique Products and Services    38
Blue Ocean Strategy    42
Ansoff Matrix    45
More on Successfully Marketing your Services    47
Encourage More Consumption of Your Products and Services    50
How to Differentiate a Commodity Product or Service    51
Part 3: Pricing    56
Value Add Pricing    56
Pricing mechanisms    58
Specialize for Higher Margins    61
Raising Prices    63
3 price points strategy    65

Part 4: Lead Generation    68
Your customer buying process vs. your lead generation process    69
3 Elements of Effective Lead Generation System    73

Direct response marketing    74
Customer Lifetime Value    75
Branding and Direct Response Marketing Simultaneously    79

Selecting the right media    81
More on media planning    83

Elevator Pitch    84
Irresistible offer    88
Turn a disadvantage into an advantage    89
The Power of Free    91
Free How-To Clinics and Seminars    92

Endorsements    93
Affinity Marketing    94
Cause-Related Marketing    96
Event marketing    98
Joint ventures    99
Content marketing    101
Email Marketing    105
Email Marketing On Autopilot    108
Newsletters    109
Social Media    111
LinkedIn    113
Twitter    121
SEO    124
Direct Mail    125
Newspaper and magazine advertising    127
Outdoor Advertising    128
Radio Advertising    131
TV Advertising    134
More channels and ways for lead generation    136
Part 5: Conversion    138
What is Conversion?    138
Words That Sell    139
Headlines That Sell    146
Guarantees and Risk Reversal    149
Testimonials    150
Case Studies    151
Scarcity    152
Social Proof    155
Marketing kit    156
Disqualifying Prospects    158
Follow Up    159
Selling with Total Cost of Ownership    161
Promotional Delivery Tools    164
Writing effective marketing materials    165
Getting a Better Response: Call to Action    167
Email capture page    168
Teleseminars    168
What Triggers Your Sales? Who Are Your Hot Prospects?    169
Part 6: Selling    171
Cross-Selling    171
Consistency vs. Diversification    174
Customer Tiers    176
Customer Loyalty Programs    177
Share of Wallet    179
Customer Retention    181
Customer Feedback    183
Account Management    184

Referrals    186
The 80/20 Rule    187
RFM    188
Using Your Own Sales Force    190

Encourage and Handle Complaints    194

Handling Returns and Exchanges    194
Train Your Employees    195
Fire Customers    196
Part 7: Metrics    199
Sales seasonality    199

Metrics    202
Marketing Performance Metrics    205
Measuring Marketing ROI    207
Sales Metrics    209
Setting Sales Targets    211
Sales Mix Analysis    213
Sales Turnover    215
Part 8: Leverage, Plan and Growth    216
The Seven Sources of Leverage    216
One-Page Marketing Plan    218
Traditional Marketing Plan    219
Marketing Calendar    223
Listening    225
Marketing Audit    227
Putting Everything Together    228
Marketing budget development    230
Forms    232
Define Your Business    233
Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Ideal Customer Profile    235
Business to Business (B2B) Ideal Customer Profile    236
Summary of Target Customer Profiles    237
SCAMPER    238
Blue Ocean Strategy    240
5-Level Maslow Needs Hierarchy    241
Ansoff Matrix    243
Define Your Products and Services    244
Products and Services Plan    246
3 Price Points Strategy    247
Customer Lifetime Value    248
Media Planning    249
Content Creation Plan    250
Case Study    251
Overcoming Prospect’s Objections    252
Sales Page / Sales Letter Plan    253
Marketing System Plan    255
Marketing Budget    259
Monthly Marketing Calendar    260
Weekly Marketing Calendar    261
One-Page Marketing Plan    262

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