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Continuously track all marketing metrics, info, analysis, trends… on one-page report. Discovering key marketing issues is easy when you see everything you need on one page.

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You can identify top issues and priorities and focus on what works best for your business. Save time and money and get rid of all papers around you. Mr. Dashboard will present all your marketing facts on a simple one-page marketing dashboard report.

Work with Mr. Dashboard and develop effective and customized marketing metrics and analysis for your organization. You will always be one step ahead and focused on all marketing related issues, problems, and opportunities. Have a better insight and continuously track and manage all marketing activities and metrics. Measure marketing effectiveness and make smart decisions.

How much time do you need to gather and see all marketing facts such as media expenditure, product profitability, the most effective promotion, the effect of latest marketing tactics, etc. Our reporting approach allows you to have effective marketing dashboard report on one page where you can see everything you need at a glance. You will get better understanding and save time so you will focus on making results. Having effective marketing dashboard report will help you communicate better and share information with everyone.

You will be able to get on-time feedback and track marketing performances. Every marketing manager should have well defined performance management system that will drive all marketing activities towards common goals.

Having the right marketing metrics and the right marketing report always with you is essential for successful marketing management and business development.

Example marketing, business development and sales metrics:

  • sales per customer, product, region, industry, etc.
  • sales from new products
  • sales from new customers
  • profit and margins per customer, product, region, industry, etc.
  • profit and margins from new products
  • profit and margins from new customers
  • market share
  • customer loyalty level
  • customer service index
  • customer satisfaction index
  • quality of service delivery
  • top accounts, top products, top marketing activities, etc.
  • bottom accounts, bottom products, bottom marketing activities, etc.
  • quality of after sales service
  • advertising cost and effectiveness
  • marketing cost and effectiveness by channel
  • internet marketing cost and effectiveness
  • product positioning and product life cycle
  • customer acquisition rate
  • customer acquisition cost
  • customer retention rate
  • critical RFMs
  • product innovation
  • …plus customized marketing metrics for your business


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Rated #1 Excel Dashboards, Scorecards and KPIs Reports

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