Marketing Analysis Report Structure For Market Research

Marketing Analysis Report

And here is a simple suggestion you can use (given the potential complex research you might be facing right now) – try to use this structure as a guide and also as being a general outline for your marketing analysis report, document or presentation creation.

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Every single portion of your document or presentation (outlined here) might be incorporated into virtually any market analysis report you will be working on. Of course some elements may not be suitable for your current marketing analysis and some might be exactly what needs to be done for your presentation.

Keep in mind that within each step of the process while you build the particular report always be developing and extending on the main/key points which were previously accomplished and communicated and try to create an effective links among various segments to make a clear presentation for your target audience.

The Title of your Marketing Research and Analysis Report – Regardless of the type of marketing research or analysis report you are working on the first part is always the title page. This page consists of the title of your document together with the company name and the team members who took part in the report creation.

TOC (Table of contents) – This page (or more than one page for a larger report and more detailed market analysis) will list the information presented within the document in the sequence by which the user can view and easily find them. This is an overlooked but very helpful tool because your readers in many cases will want to flip back and forth between various report portions so it is essential to make this easy for them to find what they need immediately. You can in addition identify and outline the key ideas for management.

Executive Summary – this portion of the report is usually a 1-page to 2-page summary of all the details included in your marketing analysis report. It really should provide the audience with an uncomplicated guide, in some what short form, for all the key information and facts included in the document and described in more depth within the main body of the document. Individuals participating in a business presentation associated with the research or perhaps reading through the report find this part very useful as being a main reference throughout the entire report. Fact is that most people will read this part of the report first so you should pay attention to create an effective summary and communicate the critical points.

Introduction – Your report starts with an introduction where you should include a short summary of the issue, problem, opportunity or challenge being tackled with your study as well as the required history, background and support necessary for your reader to quickly get familiar with the project and the thinking behind it. Following reading through the intro, your reader should be aware of precisely what the report is all about, the reason why the study was performed in the first place, and exactly how this specific analysis will benefit the business in general.

Secondary Marketing Research – This portion of the report consists of as much information as it has been accumulated by means of reviewing present information, facts, data and other type of analysis. This is all based on external research such as industry statistics, public reports, studies done by academia, association surveys, etc. The significance of the secondary information and facts when it comes to the issue being investigated should be clarified to the target audience. Make a clear connection with the main issue – findings must be used in a realistic way and understanding must be developed on how these types of findings will be applied over the remaining study.

Qualitative Marketing Research – This part will need to include information relating to any kind of interview, customer visits, customer feedback, conjoint analysis or survey which was done within your study. Many marketing analysis and managers don’t realize that relevant qualitative data may already exist within the company. In many cases talking to customer service people or sales reps can reveal qualitative information for your study.

The details presented within this section of your report will incorporate: summary issues integrated within this study, the reason why problems had been significant, an outline of the individuals, exploration of the data compiled, findings in line with the gathered facts, description showing how the particular findings depend on the investigation completed and the way these results will help the overall study.

Testing and Other Experimentation – There are numerous issues that have to be taken into consideration in order to have a market research to really be helpful. Incorporate explanation on the factors within the test, declaration of the hypothesis and the associations among the list of variables, clarification showing how the variables have been tested, exploration of stability and quality of the dimensions, the procedure being utilized, circumstances within which your experiment has been performed, explanation of the information collection process, evaluation of the information together with information on the methods utilized and their statistical relevance, results evidently obtained with the data evaluation and exactly how these findings help your research.

Customer or Market Survey Analysis – this can be the part that needs to put together all the other conditions that had been recognized within the analysis methods which were carried out earlier in the marketing research. The links on the challenges recognized early on must be constructed once again so the target audience is able to see the fundamentals that are utilized in this analysis.

Numerous concerns must be tackled within this area concerning the way the survey was created and exactly how it had been implemented.

You should include the recognition of challenges bundled with the study, creation of the market research questions and terminology used in the process, the types of survey questions used, description of the target audience used for the survey, the sample size required and the sample methods used and the approach to your customer survey submission and delivery.

The Data Analysis for your Marketing Study – within this part of the research document your reader will need to get a quick summary of the procedures which were applied to this study, the reason why those approaches were suitable for the study, evidence showing how the final results for all those procedures could be comprehended and understood.

You should keep in mind that individuals reading through your document or paying attention to your own demonstration might not be knowledgeable about the research procedures being employed. You need to provide the techniques so that anybody thinking about your analysis can know what was accomplished and the reason why it had been carried out.

This will include the summary of evaluation approaches utilized in your research, validation for the selected procedures, results of the study and the relevance of the outcomes achieved with the data analysis.

Key Findings of your Market Research – the particular findings would be the real outcomes of your analysis. Your own findings ought to include an in depth demonstration of the meaning from the data discovered associated with the research by itself and evaluation from the data system.

The careful utilization of numbers, tables and charts is required only if it is useful in enabling the audience to quickly grasp an idea for these findings and conclusions. In this part you should include the conclusions formulated, detailed clarification coming from all findings and effective demonstration of evidence for your findings.

Limitations of this research – every analysis has its limitations and constraints and no research results are perfect so acknowledge the fact that your study is just not perfect and be ready to accept any different thinking, logic, ideas and questioning. With this area of your market study talk about the aspects that could have affected your conclusions yet were definitely beyond your control.

A few of the limitations can be resources, time, budget, external forces, technology, etc. However you need to talk about the level of accuracy and reliability of which the outcome and all conclusions were developed. In addition research related recommendations might be provided to fix these types of constraints and limitations for any analysis conducted in the future.

Your key conclusions with relevant recommendations – conclusions generally represent some kind of generalizations made based on your study and this is exactly why the particular marketing analysis and research has been carried out.

Recommendations are usually related to better business practices, approaches or strategies which are in line with the findings and will help the business.

References for the marketing analysis report – finally this is the list of all the resources you have utilized in your study. Provide the audience all the sources used and allow people to take a look at these sources in case they need to validate some concerns or want to learn more about particular segments of your analysis.

Appendices for your market analysis – this includes the details from your study which was not part of your report main body. This is where you can incorporate studies, elaborate data computations, and show in depth figures along with other info. The details offered within this portion are vital to compliment the body of your document.

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