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We all know how important marketing can be to an organization. It’s not enough to just perform marketing. You have to make certain that whatever you are doing works. Yearly a lot of businesses spend millions or even billions on marketing and the money that they’ve spent have proven to be very ineffective.

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When you take a step back and analyze their campaigns, marketing strategies etc. You will see that even if they had increased their marketing budget by at least 10% they would’ve still failed. These issues are quite solvable, probably if they did seek to implement a system of market analysis metrics and models. They would’ve had a better chance of succeeding.


Marketing Analysis Metrics Templates
Marketing Analysis Templates


What is marketing analysis metrics and models? It is basically a set of tools that can help marketers make better decisions to improve revenue and marketing results in their organization.

Otherwise from that below you can see a list of marketing analysis metrics and models tools. That You can use in your organization.

Market sizing and trend analysis

Market sizing and trend analysis is a tool you can use that will help you to calculate the size of your market and spot notifiable trends of the future. Now this is a really powerful tool because as a company grows. It is important to know where you’re positioned in your market against your competitors. This will help you to set goals and objectives. That will help you to either gain market share or protect your current one from outside competitors. When you are thinking about trends you are going to take a futuristic view on everything that you think is going to happen in your market 5, 10, 20 years from now.

You are going to ask questions like who will who our customers be? How will they evolve overtime? What kind of new innovations are being worked on right now and how can I adapt to that?


Market segmentation

When you properly segment out your market and look at the different types of customers that both you and your competitors serve. This will help you to adjust your marketing strategies. That will help you in marketing your products to new customers and keep existing ones. This will profoundly have an impact on your overall company. The reason being is because continuously adding new customers to your user base will help you gain more profits and market share.

Product and service analytics

For product and service analytics you are going to look at the different services and products you offer. Next you are going to metrics in place to see how well each has performed over a period of time.  So fundamentally it will help you in tracking the health of your product or service. If it’s an online platform look at the user daily usage, hourly uploads, hours of videos watched etc.


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It’s all up to your company’s preferences and the metrics you think will have the greatest impact on your organization. If you are selling a physical product you can track data on daily return from an angry user, product defects etc. All these data will help you in creating a quality product to beat out your competitors.

Another huge benefit of why this is important in marketing is that by analyzing your product and service. It will help you to make better sales copy, set up better campaigns etc. Additionally it will help you as a marketer to develop the insight of seeing what’s on your product or service that doesn’t resonate well with customers. You can then send a report to top management for them to change that.

Sales analytics

You are going to put metrics in place to analyze your sales data. This will help your company in creating a better marketing strategy. Look at where most of your sales are coming in terms of geographic location, age group, income level etc. It all depends on your company’s goals and objectives.

In summary marketing analysis metrics and models is a system of tools you can use to help you make better marketing decisions for the long term. This will help you to save cost and create better marketing strategies. That can then prove to be vital for your organization.


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