Main Duties Of Sales And Marketing Department

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What are the typical duties of sales & marketing department?

Knowing what duties a marketing and sales department must handle before you more formally separate those areas can assist you increase the sources to develop your business, sales and profits.

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In official usage, marketing serves as function that handles advertising, promotions and campaigns. Marketing functions contain development and research, prices, distribution, client support and communications. The marketing division tells the sales people things to emphasize along with what sales applications to use to perform better.

Because many small companies do not have expertise to go after an online marketing strategy, the sales director handles marketing responsibilities within his duties. To accomplish sales objectives, it makes bonus and commission rates structures. The department uses previous sales numbers and sales predictions to calculate which products should promote where and also in what amounts.

Because marketing and sales managers spend much of time talking right with the customers, they guide developing new services and products as well as improving and customizing the current offerings.

They recommend modifying and/or dropping services or products and/or adding brand new ones to organization’s portfolio of products, services and solutions, based about what customers want and need.

A marketing and sales division has the obligation for deciding where organization should sell along with what prices should be used to maximize profitability. In addition, decisions about choosing which, if any, intermediaries the business uses, for example wholesale suppliers, distributors and/or retail businesses.

This calls for the department to analyze where organization’s competition is selling where the customers say they shop and based on all other relevant activities and patterns related to the target market.

To sustain the existing client base, marketing and sales will take obligation for developing high customer satisfaction and strategies on increasing customer retention as well as cross-sell and up-sell strategies that can generate additional business from existing customers.

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