Life Cycle Cost Analysis Spreadsheet Templates

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tools: When doing business, certain projects can be really expensive. It can also get more expensive as the project development phase continues. This in itself can cause a lot of problems at times. For example you probably had already discussed the budget with your team and if the project cost goes over your budget you are doomed.

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life cycle cost analysis spreadsheetAnother example would be the different equipment that you’ve bought for your project maybe only used once. As a result of that you became aware that it would’ve been better those machineries had been rented. All the different elements that go into getting a project done can get quite costly if you are not responsible. To minimize the risk of falling into these traps that a lot of business managers tend to get into. You can try life cycle cost analysis.

What is life cycle cost analysis?  Life cycle cost analysis is a tool you can use to analyze the cost of the different aspects of your project over its expected life span. So for example, you are going to produce a new breakfast cereal. You have to take into consideration before the project started what is cheapest way to get it done.

You also would have to think about if it would cheaper to buy certain equipment or renting it. Would it be more costly to use human labor over robots? Questions like these will help you make critical decisions that would be important for your overall company’s success. Life cycle cost analysis will also assist business managers into knowing whether their current project structure. If it’s implemented properly will provide their business great economic value without affecting their spending budget.

This tool will also allow you to predict your project’s cost over a period of time. The thing to keep in mind is that projects will always be risky because so many things can go wrong. The life cycle cost analysis can give you a different perspective on how to manage your overall company’s budget. Sometimes when managing a project we let our emotions cloud out our judgement.

We tend to think about all the possible successes of the project instead of thinking what would happen if it failed. If you implement your life cycle cost analysis properly. It will make certain if you fail it’s not going to affect your business in a big way financially.


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To put everything in retrospect the life cycle cost analysis is a useful strategy you can use on daily basis. That will help you calculate the overall cost of your project’s life cycle. It will also assist you in managing your money properly. That will benefit you in making your project leaner and provide more value to your organization.

One of the main characteristic of this strategy is it helps you to compare different processes and tools that goes into operating your project. When compared against alternative methods and equipment you can then develop a plan which will save cost and improve value. You have to also consistently monitor your project’s process. This will make certain the cost is in an acceptable range which won’t impact your company. As a business manager this can save you a lot of money and headache going forward.

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