KPIs For Training And Development

KPIs for Training and Development

So we all know what a KPI is in business, and we all know the importance of them, but sometimes we all need some help defining them. That’s why we’re here to help. We understand the headache they can cause. So let’s get to being able to prevent your headache.

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training and development
KPIs for training and development


Cost of Training And Developing Staff

This can be a tough one, because you want your employees to be well versed in what they’re supposed to be doing on a daily basis. However, regulating the cost per employee in any given period can be difficult.

How much is too much training time, and how little is too little? Your employees have to have time to develop their skills, but they can get comfortable with them as they’re working. The performance level you’re looking for in the beginning is simply that they can perform the tasks given to them accordingly.


Different Training Courses

The easiest way to insure that your next KPI on training and development is up to par, is to have a variety of training courses for different positions within your company. Not just any courses either, you want courses that match organizational requirements, and a few that match the employee’s personal need for learning the job.


Testing the Waters

To insure that your employees are getting the training they need, you can test newer employees that have done the extra courses against the older employees that have not. That way you can determine how many courses need to be offered, and how many more can be requested by employees for extra training.  Your KPI on this will be to know the difference for the rate of productivity after and before training. As well as difference in defects or mistakes made before, and after training.


Hiring the Right Trainers

You’ll need to put the more veteran employees in positions of trainers, as they not only know the old procedure, but quickly learn new procedure with their experience. This will result in productivity, and quality improvements that will show on your KPIs.


Employee Development At It’s Finest

Employees that have become trainers, or new employees that become well versed in your company’s procedures will develop their own individual development plans for the future, thus advancing themselves, and your company in the process. If successful then your KPIs will show that they have executed these plans successfully, becoming better at their individual tasks.

When KPI Results Are Negative Or Horizontal

Career coaching is nothing new, but it is an important part of having positive KPIs. Sometimes an employee doesn’t need to be reprimanded as much as they need encouragement. If a veteran employee starts to slack then there is a pretty fair chance that they’re just not feeling rewarded enough for their hard work.

You don’t want a KPI to show that productivity went down because you lost a good employee to this. Career coaching can also help get an employee in the wrong department get into the right one, where they can be more productive. You can also use your previous KPI data to assess each employee before the next KPI comes up. By doing this you can determine the right course of action before it does.


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