KPIs For Non-Profit Organization

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Non-Profit Organizations KPIs

KPIs for Non-Profit Organizations

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KPIs for non-profits: The moment you think of determining the efficiency of your nonprofit money-raising process, there are some performance indicators that can be very helpful to perform an accurate fundraising process.

But it’s difficult to find out the exact measurement criteria based on organization needs. Most non-profit organizations commonly some basic Key Performance Indicators. Some core KPIs that can help your organization are mentioned below:

Growth of Donation

KPI for Growth of Donation helps you to stay in one way over time. If you measure the dropping of donation growth in a specific month, which will allow you to plan accordingly for next year. Also, you should make your team more efficient to maintain the donation rate.

Growth of Donor

When you focus to improve your fundraising process, you need to ensure that you are accurately measuring your growth of donors for non-profit sectors over year.

This measurement allows you to find out the lacking of your management to maintain donors. It also acts as a red flag to warn you of losing donors.

Retention Rate of Donor

A huge turnover depends on getting new interactions as well as evaluating the existing one, so it is mandatory to keep a track record of the donors if they are maintaining consistency in donation after the first giveaway. Donor retainment is easy when you keep the tracking process up to date.

Gift Size Growth on Average

This is one of the most important measurements you should evaluate to get at least a 25% turnover in a year. This process allows you to shortlist your donors in a certain log, so you can have a perfect idea about how much time you can spend on which client.

This process will narrow down the list of interests for the organization as well as perform an extraordinary turnover.

Gift Percentage

You should track the gifts that you receive from your donors is also important as Donor Retention Rate.

The continuous flow of gifts can enable you to perform small and targeted campaigns to increase the size of the gift. Also, it may increase the number of donors who will begin giving gifts continuously.

Engagement on Social Media

Social Awareness plays a huge role to improve the fundraising process. Focusing on the right point in social media and allocating a small budget for it can end up in a greater number of continuous donors. This will not only generate impressions but also spur engagement to the potential donors.

Return of Investment on Engagement

Return on Investment is much important to an organization with a limited budget. In this process, you take everything into account how much of your precious time is being spent on each donation.

After adding up the factor, you can find out the amount is to spend to bring in donations.

Gift Percentage Online

This process shows you how much you receive the donation or gifts online. Even the percentage is low from any other mediums basically. But you should ensure a healthy from this medium also.

In summary, all the points mentioned above are essential to maintain a smooth flow of donations and gifts as well as to increase the amounts of donors as well.


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