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KPIs or key performance indicators, both equally financial as well as non-financial, are essential element of the data required to describe the business development in the direction of its reported objectives.

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KPI Best Practices
KPIs Best Practices, Templates And Tips


However regardless of this reality, KPIs are generally not clearly understood.

Key questions asked by senior managers typically are:

  • Why is a good performance indicator crucial for your organization?
  • Which kind of data must be presented to each and every KPI?
  • And just how will it best be introduced to supply efficient management reporting?

The kick off point for selecting which KPIs are important to the specific organization must be the ones that the actual Board applies to manage the company.

Within our practical experience, numerous Boards often get financial KPIs, although they might be evaluating consumer experience, or even bringing in and keeping the top people.

Challenging is if the KPIs presently provided for the Board will be the ones that let them evaluate development towards reported strategies, so when documented externally, permit readers to create a comparable evaluation. In any other case, is this for the reason that information is just unavailable or maybe since it is not communicated to the actual Board but could rather be evaluated by management associated with specific business departments?


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Furthermore, the KPIs will certainly to some degree be dependent on the market where a business functions. Thus, as an example, an organization within the retail industry may utilize product sales per square foot and also consumer satisfaction as KPIs, while manufacturing business may choose KPIs that related to productivity and process optimization.

On the other hand, management must not really feel urged to build KPIs to complement all those reported by their particular competitors. The main need is for your KPIs to be highly relevant to that one organization.

Management really should clarify all their choices within the framework of the selected strategies and goals and offer adequate details on measurement techniques to permit people for making comparisons towards various other companies’ alternatives wherever they would like to.

How many KPIs to use?

Providing someone numerous performance KPIs while not describing which of them are essential to managing the company will not support transparency.

As mentioned earlier, picking out which of them are critical is exclusive with each organization as well as its business strategy; therefore, it is difficult to identify the number of KPIs an organization must have. Even so, our own experience shows that among 5 and 10 KPIs could be key for many kinds of business organizations.


"Strategies and targets change with time, which makes it unacceptable to keep reporting about the same KPIs just like in the earlier time periods."


Management might at times take into account the reliability regarding a number of the data documented on KPIs, especially because they are motivated to go over and above the more conventional financial KPIs that are generally the outcome of recognized systems and manages processes as well as scheduled audits. While there is absolutely no particular management reporting need for KPIs to be dependable, it really is easy to understand that management would like the size of the data to be obvious for the users of those reports.

Top 3 important aspects in KPI reporting:

1. Link to strategy

The main reason behind including KPIs in business reporting is always to allow users to evaluate the strategies followed by the organization and the probability of success.


2. The Main Purpose

It is necessary for management to describe the reason why they think a KPI is useful. Most often this is because it tracks progress in the direction of accomplishing a particular strategic goal.


3. Display trends

Measuring performance over the one period will not offer someone very helpful information. A sign showing how performance increased or decreased after some time is more useful for evaluating the actual success of your strategy.

Download Business Management Templates Excel Dashboards KPI Reports


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