Easily Target Long Tail Keywords, Generate High-Quality Leads, Increase Your Conversion Rate and Marketing ROI… Without Wasting Time and Money

Keyword Tool for Excel

When it comes to successful PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, Lead Generation and Online Marketing, the keywords you target are the foundation of your success.

“With the Keyword Tool for Excel you will convert the most boring and time consuming activities into few clicks and you will focus on your results and how to grow your business.”

Keyword Tool for Excel

Even without any online marketing and PPC skills, now with the Keyword Tool for Excel you are able to target the right keywords for your business, increase the number of high quality leads, cut your current bids and budgets and maximize the ROI on your PPC.

The problem marketers, consultants and business owners face today is that all these activities are time consuming plus they demand specific skills and experience. As a result marketers end up wasting time on an ongoing basis, target generally the more expensive keywords in PPC and leave money on the table day after day.

In PPC we see businesses overbidding and underbidding on keywords which leads to fewer conversions at higher cost. When you add the time, money and missed opportunities all together… it leads to lower ROI on your marketing investments because of unprofitable lead generation and marketing campaigns..

How to Generate Hundreds or Even Thousands of Long-Tail Keywords That Generate Qualified Leads For Your Business

The Keyword Tool for Excel will help you with the entire process from identifying the main keywords (seeds), generating a list of long-tail targeted keywords, cleaning the list to use only high-quality and high-converting keywords and bid successfully through point system which allows you to create targeted bids for each individual keyword in seconds.

Now you can easily do all this right in Excel with few clicks, improve your marketing results and save hours of work on an ongoing basis even if you don’t have any marketing experience and without any Excel skills.

Keyword Tool Add Seeds Ideas

The Keyword Tool for Excel is a simple powerful tool for Excel users which allows you to enter your main keywords and generate a ton of relevant long tail keywords. In addition, the tool allows you to bid efficiently in your PPC campaigns by using your own judgment and assign optimized bids for each individual keyword. This is impossible to do manually and it would take many hours.

The reality is that each keyword you are targeting converts at a different rate. As a result each individual keyword requires individual bid. The keywords with higher conversion rate will get a higher bid and the keywords with lower conversion rate will get lower bids. By using this strategy your overall campaign results will be more profitable and you will maximize your ROI.

See the tutorial here

Originally Developed For Internet Marketers and PPC Managers, Today the Keyword Tool for Excel is Used By Businesses of Any Size in Every Industry

The Keyword Tool for Excel helps you:

  • Save time on an ongoing basis
  • Target low cost long-tail keywords
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Minimize the cost per conversion
  • Generate more qualified leads for your business or clients
  • Increase your current ROI on marketing and maximize your profitability

Download your copy of Keyword Tool for Excel and start improving your business right now.

Keyword Tool for Excel



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