Keyword Tool for Excel

The Keyword Tool for Excel is a simple keyword tool you can use in addition to your PPC, internet marketing, SEO and online marketing software and tools. It is used by internet marketers, SEO and PPC marketing agencies and business owners.

The keyword tool is organized in 3 main areas:

  1. Seeds
  2. Keywords
  3. Bids

Use the 3 tabs labeled Seeds, Keywords and Bids to navigate between the sections as you work.

Keyword Tool for Excel

1. Seed Keywords (Seeds)

Use your seed keywords to generate a list of keywords.

In this example we are working on a campaign for “car injury lawyer”. We start by creating a list of seeds in order to generate a comprehensive list of keywords.

To begin with, in part 1 we enter words like car, van and automobile. In part 2, we enter words like injury and accident. In part 3, we enter the word lawyer.

Keyword Tool Seeds

Now we can keep adding related words or phrases. You can also use the “Get Ideas” button which will generate all the synonyms for your words in part 1, 2 and 3.

Keyword Tool Ideas

Select those words that are relevant to your campaign.

Keyword Tool Ideas Select

And click the “Add Selected Ideas” button.

Keyword Tool Add Seeds Ideas

After you finalize your seeds in part 1, 2 and 3, click the “Add to Seeds” button. This will create the list of all seeds and move them to the Keywords tab.  In this simple example, we quickly generated 300 seeds.

2. Keywords

Keyword Tool Generate Seed Keywords

Next, click the “Get Keywords” button and the tool will get all the actual keywords used by people searching for your seeds.

Keyword Tool Generate Keywords

Once the keywords are generated, next you need to clean the list from any negative words.

There are 2 ways to clean the list of keywords:

1. You can enter certain word or string in the “Keywords Must Include This String” textbox and click the “Clean Keywords” button. The tool in this example will keep only those keywords that contain your target string.

For example, if you use “accident” in this field you will only keep the keywords that contain the string “accident”. This is very useful for segmenting larger list of keywords into more targeted campaigns.


Keyword Tool Add Seed Keywords


Keyword Tool Must Include Keyword

2. The second alternative is to use the negative list of keywords. In the “Keywords Can’t Include These Words” enter your negative words and click the “Clean Keywords” button to clean your list. The tool will automatically save your list of entered negative words.

The button “Negative Ideas” extracts all the words from your keywords list so you can easily identify negative words. In this field simply click the words you would like to add to your negative words list and click the “Add Negatives” button.

Keyword Tool Add Negative Keywords

3. Bids

After you finalize the list of your keywords click the Bids tab. The two fields “Good Words” and “Bad Words” contain all the words from your keywords.

Keyword Tool Bids

Now you can simply select in the “Good Words” list all words that are more valuable or important (higher converting words). In the “Bad Words” list select the words that are less valuable. Bad words are those that pass your negative words criteria but are not high converting.

Keyword Tool Select Good Bad Keywords

The tool will assign points for each keyword based on your own selection of good and bad words, which is used to assign appropriate bids for each keyword (for example, in PPC all keywords in you list are targeted keywords but some of them convert higher than average and some of them convert lower than average. Yes they are all profitable for your business but the way you allocate your bids is key to maximize your profit).

Now you can enter your point value (start with any value and play up and down in order to reach the optimized bids for your campaign – change the point value and click the Update Bids button to see and evaluate the changes).

Start with minimum points value of zero and if you need more targeted higher quality campaign test with 1 or 2 as well and evaluate your changes by clicking the


Keyword Tool Point Value Points

Next, click the “Update Bids” button and the tool will generate your bids based on your criteria. This allows you to easily manage large lists of thousands of keywords and quickly assign the appropriate bids for each individual keyword.

The two lists are generated for 1. Google Ads and 2. Microsoft Advertising. Simply use the appropriate copy buttons and paste then into your Google Ads Editor and/or Microsoft Advertising Editor.

Google Ads Editor

To update your keywords in your Google Ads editor. Select the campaign you want to update. Select Keywords.

Keyword Tool Google Ads Editor Select Campaign

Click the “Make multiple changes” button and click the “Process” button.

Keyword Tool Google Ads Editor Make Multiple Changes

Click the “Paste from clipboard” button.

Keyword Tool Google Ads Editor Paste Keywords

Post your changes.

Microsoft Advertising Editor

To update your keywords in your Microsoft Advertising editor. Select the campaign you want to update. Select Keywords.

Keyword Tool Microsoft Advertising Editor Select Campaign

Click the “Make multiple changes” button and click on “Add/Update Multiple Keywords”.

Keyword Tool Microsoft Advertising Editor Make Multiple Changes


Keyword Tool Microsoft Advertising Editor Paste Keywords

Click next and process the changes and post the changes.