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Key Performance Indicators Template Excel: Key performance indicators are beneficial to any organization. It can help you to track and measure the performances of the different parts of your organization. If you want to create a key performance indicator template Excel is the right tool for you to use.

The reason being is because it has the right set of features that can help you to get the job done. If you are new to Excel creating a key performance indicator can be a bit difficult. But that should not stop you from learning it because once you’ve reached a certain level of skill you can definitely reap awesome rewards. If you are one of those ones who just want something quick. You can download a template off of the internet by just searching for it.


Key Performance Indicators Template Excel


When you are using Excel to create a template, if it’s going to be simple your job will be easy. If it’s going to be a complex indicator with different algorithms, charts, design, metrics etc. It’s going to take you some time. Your road might be a bit rough throughout the entire process towards completion. What a lot of persons do to take out a lot of the hassle and time wasting is to just download a template off the internet. If you want to you can do that, but yet again you have to at least know the basics. That’s why below you can see and follow a simple tutorial on how to create a key performance indicator template.


Key performance indicator template Excel tutorial


  1. This key performance indicator is going to be for human resource managers but it can be applied to other areas. You are going to firstly create 6 columns. These should be named key result areas, key performance indicators, target, actual, score, and final score.


  1. Under the key result area you are going to show the different areas that you are going to set your key performance indicators in. These should include Recruitment, employee retention and productivity, and training and development.


  1. Under the key performance indicators main column. You are going to now have your metrics that you are going to set in each area. For the recruitment row you are going to include average lead time to recruit employees under the key performance indicator column. In the employee retention and productivity row you are going to have, % of employees that leave the organization in a given time period. Lastly in the training and development row you are going to have training hours per employee/year.


  1. You are almost done all you got to do now is insert the metric data in the other rows. That’s going to help you in track and measure the different key performance indicators. You can also add some color into your template to lighten it up a bit from all that plain data. To simply do this all you got to do is select the cells you want a particular color to shown on. Go to home then on fill color, select the colors you want to use then you’re finish.


This is just a simple tutorial you can follow but if you want to create a more sophisticated indicator. You can find a lot of tutorials online that can help you out or you can just download a template off the internet.

Overall this tutorial will give you an idea of how a key performance indicator template should look and be created. You can see a diagram of the work below.



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