Key Performance Indicators For Customer Service Managers

KPIs For Customer Service Manager Examples:

The job of a customer service manager is never quite easy. Handling customers with real emotions and behaviors on a daily basis can be a roller coaster ride. Helping your customer service representatives to always remain calm and be in good spirits. Even when the customer is yelling on the phone can be very frustrating. We all know how customers are important to any organization. Getting the customer service section of a company right which is one of the main responsibilities of a customer service manager is vital.

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Using key performance indicators can help to ease off some of the pressure and work that always comes with being a customer service manager. When using key performance indicators you are going to firstly set goals for your customer service department.


Key Performance Indicators For Customer Service Managers


Next you can then put metrics in place to help you track the different processes. You will use these metrics to help determine the health of your goals and see if everything is working as they supposed to.

Another huge benefit of why using key performance indicators are so useful is that it helps you to feel in control of the operations. It helps them to be more transparent so you can measure and track them more easily.


Below you can see a list of Key Performance Indicators For Customer Service Manager (you can use in your organization as a customer service manager):
  • Decrease the average resolution rate by at least 5% in 10 months
  • Retrain 40% our customer service representatives so they can handle our new market of customers in 12 months
  • Increase our customer retention rate by 3% in 8 months in order to keep customers for the long term
  • Decrease the average response time by first reply to 5% in 10 months
  • Decrease our customer resolution time by 10% in 12 months
  • For our annual customer surveys try and improve our customer satisfaction rate by 5% in 12 months
  • Increase our conversion rate by 7% in 10 months
  • Decrease the rate of our daily active issues by 3% in 12 months
  • Recruit 200 more top customer service representatives in order to match up to our expanding customer base in 6 months
  • Decrease the rate of our daily angry customers by 5% in 7 months
  • Decrease our average hold time by 5% in 10 months
  • Increase our average handle time by 3% in order to spend more time with the customer to get at the real root of certain problems.
  • Maintain at least  97% of our current customer base in 12 months

These are just some out of the many examples of indicators you can take advantage of in your organization. If you are a customer service manager want to make your job perform more efficient.

Make certain that the indicators that you are setting will have a great impact not just on your customer service department but on the organization as a whole. Also ensure that your indicators are measurable.

You don’t want to create a complex indicator. That would be hard to measure and track over a period of time.


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