Key Performance Indicator Report Template Examples

Key Performance Indicators Report Examples and Excel Templates

Key Performance Indicator Report: If you are serious about tracking the health of your organization key performance indicators can be a very helpful tool. They help you to measure certain operations. Furthermore they assist in putting certain metrics in place that will help your organization spot areas of strength and weaknesses. You can then evaluate the information with your team and develop strategies to try and fix those issues.

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How to create your Key Performance Indicator Report? When it’s time for reviewing the outcome of your key performance indicators it’s important to put it in a report. When you put everything in a report and develop charts and diagrams to visualize the data. This will make it easier to analyze your key performance indicators.


Key Performance Indicator Report Template Examples
Example of KPI Report Excel Template


What you should keep in mind when developing a key performance indicator report is to keep things simple. You don’t want to go in an analysis paralysis phase where you are tracking all these different unnecessary data for a key performance indicator. This will bring with it a lot of confusion. It can also soak up quite a lot of time to get through everything.

Also make certain that those metrics that you have put in place will bring your company value. You have a lot of unnecessary metrics floating around organizations which is still being analyzed and used by executives but in reality doesn’t hold any value.

See to it that you are consistent with the different types of graphs and charts you used to track your metrics over a period of time whether weekly, monthly and yearly. You don’t want to use graphs for this week at the end of the indicators process cycle. Use some other diagram the next week; this will cause confusion.


Key Performance Indicator Report:



Excel KPI report interactivedrill down
Interactive KPI Excel Dashboard Template Example


At the end of the year when you’re ready to review and compare old and new key performance indicator reports. It will allow you to see a consistent flow of visual information being laid out across. Prior to analyzing your reports you first got to prioritize your key performance indicators from most impactful to least impactful. This will allow you to look at the metrics that will have the most important impact on your business first. Then leave the least impactful ones for later.

Share your report data across different areas of your company so that everyone can be updated on what’s going on. You have organizations at times who try to keep certain metrics behind closed doors. Especially if the results are poor to try and not to negatively impact company morale; but this is doing more harm than helping. If employees are not seeing any of the performances or even those that matters. They will never know how they should approach their daily tasks in order to make it better.


balanced scorecard key performance indocators report
KPI Reporting with Balanced Scorecards


When you share your report data across the company it till also help to increase transparency and build trust. In summary the key performance indicator report is used to show the performance result of a particular indicator. It helps you and your team to easily analyze critical business information. You can then use this to make important decisions in your organization.


Create Key Performance Indicators Report in Excel


Rated #1 Excel Dashboards, Scorecards and KPIs Reports

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