Dynamic and Interactive Business Dashboard Reporting with Excel (No Excel Skills Required)

  • Interactive Reporting
  • Excellent Print Quality
  • Executive Style Reports
  • Easy-to-Use Templates
  • One-Page Business Insight
  • Easily rack your metrics and KPIs
  • Instant Download


Excel dashboards are great tools for business reporting and analysis. They are flexible business reporting tools and in addition you can easily customize them, update them and create multiple copies of your excel dashboard reports.

The Interactive Excel Dashboard is an Excel Business Dashboard Reporting Application with dynamic and interactive functionality. Users can easily create multiple reports, filter the data based on their reporting requirements for different periods and easily use their own KPIs and business metrics. By having all of your key business information in one flexible reporting system you are able to monitor, control and manage all of your KPIs and business performance in one place.

The Interactive Excel Dashboard includes more than twenty professional excel report templates to get you started in creating your excel dashboards. You can easily customize each report and save multiple template copies for different reporting requirements you need now or for later use.

Excel Dashboard Samples

By clicking a button in Excel now you can customize your reports, track and compare your business performance for different periods. For example, with a few clicks in Excel you can create excel dashboard report for your performance for the last 6 months or 3 months or last year and save them or print them or further analyze your business results. This is the easiest business reporting system you can get.

How do you use your interactive excel dashboard? You can use any of the template in the collection of 20+ templates by simply entering your KPIs and data or copying your data from another source and your reports update automatically.

You can interactively adjust the view of your reports with a few clicks based on your needs. This is the simplest and most powerful way to organize your business data and information, analyze your business, monitor your metrics and KPIs and continuously manage and improve your business performance. This easy-to-use product has been used by thousands of business managers and professionals even without any analytical or excel skills.

Among the many benefits of using the Interactive Excel Dashboard templates:

  • with a few clicks you’ll generate different reports with different views based on your needs
  • you’ll save time over and over again – it will always take you a few minutes to analyze your business
  • you’ll improve your business insight and have better understanding of your business at any time
  • you’ll get better organized and have all the required information for your business in one place
  • improved business reporting by using professional looking reports with easy customization
  • no more frustration dealing with multiple data sources and reports
  • you are able to see your entire business on one page report

The Interactive Excel Dashboard is used by thousands of users in different industries for developing effective reports for financial planning and financial management, sales performance management and sales dashboards, balanced scorecard reporting, quality control projects, planning and budgeting, marketing dashboards, business analysis and forecasting… creating presentations and reports based on any data and any requirement the users might have.

The dynamic feature of this product allows users to handle large data by simply creating different reports and drilling down the data for different views. In addition this reporting tool offers you the high quality best-in-class magazine-quality reports which make your reporting and analysis professional.

This is one of those tools you’ll use continuously over and over again so download your copy of the Interactive Excel Dashboard now and take advantage of this simple and yet effective business reporting tool.

You’ll receive an email from us right after your purchase with your link to download you product and you’ll create your new reports in the next couple of minutes. In addition, you’ll receive the link to join our free lifetime exclusive customer only membership where you’ll be able to receive free templates, tools and tips in the future and benefit your business on an ongoing basis.

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