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Why is Incident Management KPI System cricucial for your organizational success? Incidents happen on a weekly basis in almost every business environment. One of the main parts of a manager’s job is to minimize the number of incidents.Incidents can happen in almost any area of an organization.


What is an incident?

An incident is an event that occurred within an organization that leads to a disruption in the organization’s business processes.

If an incident isn’t handled properly it can escalate into a serious problem which could be detrimental for your business.

This is why having a good incident management system in place is necessary. Incident management is a process that you use to manage incidents in your company. You are going to do this by logging, recording incidents and resolving them.


The aim of incident management is to resolve the incident as quickly as possible. This will ensure it doesn’t have a domino effect.


That can lead to it disrupting other operations within the business. You have many different types of incidents that can happen in a company.

You have application incident which consist of technical incident, error messages that could occur when trying to use the application etc. Hardware incident is another type of incident which could happen within organizations. Examples of hardware incidents would be the servers stopped working or the printer is not working.

Using key performance indicators to manage incidents can help make the task of managing incidents easier.

You can use these incident KPIs and metrics to keep track of the information. So when it comes a time evaluate the different incidents. It can be easier for both you and your team.


Examples of the different types of incident management KPIs or key performance indicators you could measure for are:

Number of incidents per organization area

This metric can help you measure the number of incidents that are happening in the different areas of your organization. It will help you to see where the most incidents are happening. So you can come up with creative ideas to fix them.

Number of incidents per person

This type of key performance indicator will help you keep track of the number of incidents that are regularly happening per employee. It will help you to evaluate what is regularly causing the incidents and develop plans to resolve it.

Incident resolution rate

The incident resolution rate will help to keep track of the number of incidents that gets resolved in a certain period of time. With this information, it will help to show you how efficiently your business is at resolving incidents. If you look over the information and it’s not that efficient. You can then develop and put new systems in place to ensure your incident resolution process runs smoothly.

Customer service support

Keeping track of the different incidents that happen in customer support is can be quite beneficial. Customers are important in any organization. Ensuring that the customer service process runs smoothly will help you resolve matters faster.

It will also help you to retain customers who are happy with your service. Examples of what you should measure for would include the number of calls broken down between the customer service representatives and the customer. This metric can help you measure how effective your phone system is.

Another important KPI for you to measure for is the number of customers calling to report on a certain incident they have with your system.

This information can help you to see where the customers are having the most problems. You can then use that information to come up with plans to resolve it.

Average incident resolve time

This key metric will help you to see on average how long it takes your organization to resolve a certain incident. It will help you see if there is any inefficiencies within your incident resolve time. If there is you can come up with the necessary plans to make it quicker and run more efficiently.

Incident management can be an effective part of any organization. Having the necessary system in place to manage incidents can help to make your business run smoothly. As managers using key performance indicators to help keep track of the different metrics can make the job much easier.


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