Improving Your Communication By Engaging In Listening


One of the most important skill and habit for any business person is good listening.

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Imagine what would it mean to you if you can better understand your customers, coworkers, subordinates and all stakeholders in your organization.

Good sales people for example already know that listening is a lot more important than talking. When you listen they will simply tell you all you need to know and you can adjust (improve) your approach.

Why don’t you set up some rules for yourself before you going to the next meeting, sales presentation or an interview. These rules will help you improve your productivity.

How about if you prepare ahead of time by spending only 5 minutes to highlight for you what you are trying to achieve and what do the other parties really want?

As you listen you will adjust and change any assumptions you have made.



You’d focus about what questions you’d ask and maybe take into account what others might have to know or the most important thing to all of them or you can think of a specific topic.

In preparing – you’ll again want to organize. During interview, you sit and place the tape recorder on table, push play and record. By simply analyzing later you will learn more about you and your strengths and weaknesses which will help you improve the next time.

This is exactly what successful business people do – they learn and improve.

Proven Business Rules

These are the basic rules we rely on to judge ourselves and our businesses.

Have you been curious to find what rules you are using? What are you looking to do in order to boost your chances of success in the job?



If you don’t use any rules then simply stop talking and I can let you know what you need to know.

Without listening people in a meeting are no more in rapport and no more they are focusing on the original message or intent.


Have you been missing the communication?

It’s the language that you consume and process information. What takes place if two individuals are speaking in various languages?

If client makes among these statements, which will you record and which wouldn’t even register?

Infographic Rules

All of us speak with our selves and that is okay. This is exactly what could take place throughout conversation.

If you manage a team spend some time to train them to improve their listening skills – this will improve the performance of your entire team.


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