Human Resource Monthly Report Template

HR Monthly Report Template

Human Resource Monthly Report Template: In human resources sometimes you can easily get overwhelmed with a lot of data. You are tracking recruitments, full time and part time employees, training progress etc. If you are also trying to communicate that data across your organization. Probably most of your readers would find it hard to interpret.

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A strategy you can use to try and communicate that information in a structured format is to use a report. When you use a report you can now organize your data in a document. Show casing your different information which is properly labeled so the reader can easily understand it.  If you want to create a human resource report template. You have a lot of software which you can download off the internet that can help you with that.


Human Resource Monthly Report Template Excel


The most popular tool you can use and probably one of the most flexible is Microsoft Excel. You can use it to easily create a human resource report template. You are also free to download a template off of the internet. That will allow you to just load it up in Excel and you can begin immediately by starting enter and edit information. If you are looking for a complex report template, downloading one of the internet is advisable. The reason for this is because Excel can get difficult at times. The more sophisticated your project gets is the more difficult your task is going to get as well.

If you are a beginner in Excel it would be great to at least know the simple basics. Below you can see a tutorial on how to create a human resource monthly template. The steps are also easy to follow and if you are new to Excel this can really help you out on your learning curve.


Human resource monthly report template example

  1. Gather all the data you are going to include in your report. This is going to be a simple report on recruiting. If you want to you can follow these exact steps but on the other hand you can use your own information as well. Make certain that it’s also organized.
  2. Insert your information into the spreadsheet. For this tutorial you are going to have 8 columns. It’s going to mainly show the number of recruitments we have in a given month. The labels for each column include recruiter, job requisition #, month, number of applicants, salary level, Full time, contract and location.
  1. Most of the hard work is now done. The next thing you have to do right now is to just insert the data into the different columns. It would be great to add some colors into your report. It helps to present your data better instead of looking at the plain old information. If you want to use this, you can click on the cells you want to see the different colors on. Next click on home then go on fill color. Choose the colors you are going to use and you’re done. You can see an example of the report layout below.

In sum creating a human resource template can get from easy to complex if you are going to use excel. It’s all up to what kind of calculations you are going to add and how you want it to be designed.

Otherwise from excel you have a lot of other software applications you can use online to help make your job easier. You also have third party companies that work well with Excel. You can use their programs to also make your job of creating a human resource report in Excel effortless.



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